Joni opened his book.

Colin is a very mean person.


Why didn't you just sell it?


What makes you think that'll happen?

Trent remains suspicious.

She is contemptuous of your ambition.

Is that a lot?

It wasn't all that funny.

Art has never done that before.

What more can you show me?

I like the name Tracey. It has a nice ring to it.

Markus said something in French.

You picked Jelske, didn't you?

Everyone is welcome to come.


Saumya decided to buy a new computer.

What is apathy? Certainly nothing earth-shaking.

Colin is eloquent.

Gordon's son's name is John.

You do know what you're doing, right?

This is so much fun.

The old woman was taken to a hospital, but she died not long after.

The leopard cannot change his spots.

Don't tell me.

Dawson is a complete stranger.

The forest is home to many different kinds of plants and animals.


You must be new here.

Don't tell me. Tell Hohn.

You'll be outnumbered three to one.

The flow of this river is fast.

Tollefsen keeps a hunting knife in the trunk of his car.

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You should calm down.

I thought you'd be too busy.

I think Ramanan is creative.


The line has been busy for 30 minutes now.

I don't think you need to tell Joachim anything about what happened.

Ken just saw Loren.

Sonja is going to pick me up after school.

We should do that again.

He took no notice that there was a sick man sleeping in the next room.

Stephen has written down a list of things we need to do.


We're trying to fix this problem.

Take that one there.

St Paul's Cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.

His happy life went on in a small village.

Did I break it?

We're not really going out in this rain, are we?

I can predict how Phill will behave.

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Why did you poison them?

She wanted to test her limits.

Have a seat.

Heather might be late today.

Don't make such a noise here.


I'd do it if I could.


If the concrete is not reinforced with high-quality steel, it will be worthless.

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The pain went away because I took the pills.


So far we have enjoyed our journey very much.

It makes my mouth water.

That's close enough.


The president flies to the city in a helicopter.

His condition will soon change for the better.

Starbuck put on a pair of boxing gloves.

You cannot sell the cow and drink the milk.

My brother named his cat Hanako.

He began with a joke.

We'll need to ask Wolfgang for help.

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The tree was so happy she could hardly speak.

The news left me wondering what would happen next.

Can you believe what he said?


I wish I could talk to her.


You don't know what this is, do you?


Mikael is a good-looking guy, but he's not too friendly.

I want to apologize to everyone here.

I'll buy Alan a beer.

You shithead!

He is crazy, no more.


I can look after myself.

I'm leaving first.

Joshua can't have written this by himself.

We can not agree with you on this point.

The sum of the ignorance of the Republican candidates in the primaries for the U.S. presidential election is simply mind-boggling: one is afraid that China will obtain nuclear weapons, which they have had for 44 years, and the other proposes to close the U.S. embassy in Iran, which has been closed for 32 years... Such stupidity at the head of the world's most powerful country gives one the shivers!

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There are only two paths out from this house.

Did you warn Cole not to open that box?

I don't touch them.


The term 'greenhouse effect' is often used when people talk about global changes of climate nowadays.

How can I do this?

That's a pretty sad-looking capital city.

Is there an information counter?

Ima has trouble admitting his mistakes.


The petals are floating on the water.

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Hillary thought he had plenty of time to catch his plane, but he only just made it by the skin of his teeth.

Everybody loved him.

We have the edge on them.


O brave new world that has such people in't!

I don't talk about you behind your back.

We spent too much for this.


You can't be in two places at once.

The wind has abated.

There doesn't seem to be anyone around.


I love crawfish.


Darci died in the crash.

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Why didn't anyone tell me anything about it?

He's fast.

Celia rushed into the office.

The river has its origin in the Japan Alps.

Stop playing Minecraft.


Bush tells the truth.

Your tyres are worn.

Everything's about you, so I'm not going!


Dana told me about the new plan.

This is the first time I've ever asked the teacher a question.

Betsy seemed polite enough to me.

I'm intrigued.

I was fascinated with him.


We were both tired.

Despite being small you are of great value.

There isn't anything down here.

The engineers blew up the bridge because it was about ready to collapse.

Recent advances in medicine are remarkable.

I was at school.

We ate boiled potatoes all winter.

Beth is much older than he looks.

I've told you over and over again not to do that.

I'll apologize to her.

Girls begin puberty around the ages of ten to eleven, and boys around the ages of eleven to twelve.

Terri is nervous, isn't he?

Lenora declared himself Jack the Ripper's son.


All is not as bad as it seems.

Troy made a few phone calls.

I am playing the piano now.

I could keep him company.

I'm tying up some loose ends.


Don't worry, present day cosmetic surgery is much better than what it used to be in Doctor Frankenstein's days.

Vassos could be in Boston, I suppose.

A recent analysis by Boeing forecasts that unless safety is improved, jet airliners could be falling out of the sky at the rate of once a week by the year 2010.

I have an identical twin.

We can do nothing for her.

Do you think it had something to do with Laura?

I can't imagine myself ever killing another man.

The United Nations Building was built in 1952.

As for me, I'm a pretty simple person.

Just stay where you are and I'll bring you the papers you need to sign.

He bought a book and gave it to his father.

I discovered the truth.

Takeuchi brews beer as a hobby.

Are there any objections?

I want everyone to know that I'm not a murderer.


I'm sure I'll do that.

The Chinese are a friendly people.

The train stopped.

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Become yourself the person you were born to be.

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My friends are my family.

No wanted Miriam to go away and leave him in peace.

Mr. Sato practices archery on weekends.


I know why there are so many people who love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees the results. -- Albert EINSTEIN

If I got rich, I would buy it.

Rajiv picked some strawberries in the forest to make strawberry jam.

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I have a blue house.

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We help each other out.

He's late.

This seat is taken.

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I don't want to go to sleep.