You said you'd help me.

As a dad, it's kind of exciting to see that your son follows what you believe in so strongly.

Ask Graeme if he's willing to work part-time.

I keep this bottle separate from all the others.

You can see that the house is solidly built.

Can you tell if this is Reinhard's?

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You scared the children.

I went on foot only one way.

Do you know her brother?

It is no longer a dream for man to live on the moon.

We drink too little water.

Fuckin' earthquake was terrible!

I don't remember anything about my past lives.

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Samuel heard Konstantinos call for help.


I've never seen this place so deserted.

Three of my children died.

I found the work easy, for I had done that kind of work before.


Some went on foot, and others by bicycle.

She is eager to live in Australia.

I was too tired to go on.

These days, a watch not only shows the time, but also the person's social status.

Some Chinese food has a lot of MSG in it.

Frank will never believe me again.

Jean-Pierre is very good at playing guitar.

Who was on the phone?

You will obey.

Do you know who wrote this poem?

We have to find out what we're supposed to do.


You should have studied harder.


He put his foot through the floor.

I never had to worry about him.

Jong and Dimetry can't both be right.

Vice has been here all afternoon.

We took an examination in math last week.


Francois wants to borrow your car.

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I was disappointed at the results.

You sound like him.

Which countries of the world have a one-colored flag?

Good night, everybody!

Stanislaw is not a bad person.

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This tastes like passion fruit.

His face was twisted with pain.

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda water the day after.


Hey, I already thought of that.


What are they doing in there?

I would like it if you didn't tell this story to my mom.

The murder suspect's version of events did not ring true to investigating officers.

Pandora is mentally unbalanced.

She saddled him with the work.

Let Annard do the talking.

Some people kept interrupting the speakers, and finally broke up the meeting.

Cristina could hear steps approaching.

I like both watching and playing sports.


Please put it back where you found it.

That's my own personal opinion.

I'm not going to need any help.

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Give me that bottle. This "brandy" tastes good; where does it come from?

All humans buy food at the mart.

Frederic was treated terribly.

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Mayo doesn't look rich to me.

I broke up with my girlfriend.

I am not connected to this crime in any way.

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I think I should stop doing this.

Obviously that isn't true.

What happens to all the wood?

Clyde doesn't have to talk so loud.

We're concerned about you.

You make an interesting argument.

Gigi still hasn't responded to my email.

Don't you know Rajeev?

Only Obama knew about it.

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Soccer is more popular than baseball.

Marsha sat down beside Barry.

The crowd is cheering.

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The only evidence was the fingerprints on the window.


Harv died from electrocution.

You should emphasize that fact.

I want to be happier.


We drink water.

Lychees taste of grapes.

I try to be aggressive.

Some students seem to have forgotten to do their homework.

Perhaps we shouldn't have gone to Boston last weekend.


Can I sit next to him?

The thread title's wrong.

Many tried to put their feelings into words.

What you see is what you get.

Troy wanted Norm to speak.

It could take me ten years to fully grasp what I have achieved.

It's the 28th of May.

Hostilities permanently ceased.

Doctors can be wrong, and some patients can suddenly improve.


How did he know my name?

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But he will never ever find it.


My country is far from Japan.

I heard what you said to Hugh at school.

In the era of email, I'm so happy when a friend sends me a real letter.


Marcel was really glad to hear that Reid hadn't been injured in the accident.

Would you consider marrying me?

Miriam's in there.


Yesterday's party was an unforgettable one.

The fact is we were not invited.

I was thinking you might like to go camping with us this weekend.

I thought something was going to happen, but nothing did.

Let's go over there; it'll be easier for us to talk.


We had to do without oil during the war.


Would you do it for us?

That means that water flows over the plaster and enters cracks easily.

We need to get help.

I can't find the news.

My laptop has a built-in card reader.


Clarissa watched Greg eat.

Rudolf is always so busy.

You really ought to think before you open your mouth, you'd avoid a lot of misunderstandings that way.

Finish your drink.

Africanized bee colonization caused a panic in the United States in the 90s.


In the evening, we will have some guests.

She is in the bathroom.

If you can translate the subject and object then after that it isn't so difficult.

Kyle's the one who's scared.

Alzheimer's disease affects mainly people older than 60 years.

I often stumble over something as I am blind as a bat in the dark.

Dean told me that the medicine he was taking didn't seem to help.


I didn't consider the subject seriously.

Kimberly's involvement in the bank robbery is yet to be established.

If you're going to the party, let me know.

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Rusty was ill.

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She wore an apricot-colored dress.

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We make quite a couple.


Where did you buy your pants?


Your writing is good except for a few mistakes.

I found my umbrella right where you told me it would be.

Bilinguals are not just two monolinguals stuck together!


I almost called off the wedding.

He was in bed with a cold.

How long did it take him to write this novel?

He spoke for one hour.

He was very thirsty and asked for some water.


They got married of late.


A good idea occurred to him.

Do you know where Louie bought his new computer?

Let us be fully aware of all the importance of this day, because today within the generous walls of Boulogne-sur-Mer have met not French with English, nor Russians with Polish, but people with people.

I'll lend you my notebook.

The striking workers protested their pay cut.

She stretched every day in order to become able to do the splits.

I thought Mario might want to go home early.


It's a little farther ahead.

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According to European laws, the punishment for having a portrait of President Lukashenko in one's apartment or house is a life in Belarus.

Don't confuse opinions with facts.

Sriram is in the witness box.


Let's go to Shinjuku tomorrow morning.

Stuart has a mole under his left eye.

I'm going to go get ready.

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Tell me where to put this.


Andreas has trouble dealing with people like Jos.

I can't do my job without a computer.

I didn't expect any gift.