They say that eating more slowly is one way to eat less.

Tell us how we may help you.

Christina has broken our engagement.

I got up an hour earlier than I usually do.


Their ship struck a rock.


I'm not your wife anymore. Your wife is Tatoeba!

Mr. Wilson is proud of his house.

There are students going to school.

Everybody waited.

I like to sing songs.


I think the best way to learn English is to live in America.

She will never forgive me.

Osaka is the center of commerce in Japan.


He is wiser and more careful than Bob.

I went to the South Pacific for a summer of romantic adventure.

Is there some reason you don't want us to come?

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I just said I didn't want to talk about it.

I've got a six-year-old son.

Do you think Beverly got a fair trial?

Take care when you cross the street.

We're not cold.

Keep them from eating too much.

I'm just a man.


The cat tangled up all the threads.


You were asleep at your post.

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Victory is unlikely but not impossible.

A calculator is more efficient than an abacus.

If we don't end war, war will end us.

She is carrying a backpack on her back.

I never see you without remembering your father.

I don't know what's happening.

I had no choice but to accept.


It's the third time I've eaten Japanese food, I love it!

This bicycle needs oiling.

This is good occasion to contact him.


Why don't you just let them go?

Edward seems a little disoriented.

If you do it, I might be able to help you.


Speaking of sports, can you play tennis?


He's jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.


I'm practically already an adult.


You know me better than you realize.


I've never actually tried this before.


There are no mistakes in your composition.

These are questions that matter.

"Sentences?" once more, the shopkeeper was confused by Dima's strange ramblings.

Father was crazy about the game.

Whose is the dictionary on the table?

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He came here again.

Would you like some of my food?

The tradition of making a wish when you see a shooting star is very old.


I will try to pay what I owe by the end of the month.


The color of the carpet is in harmony with the wall.

You're always welcome here, Bryce.

It was a question of ethics.

Stu and Chuck glared at each other.

He who is born in Japan is Japanese.


I am a tourist.


I told you Gordon was smart.

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He can speak English much more fluently than I can.

The manufacturing sector is a frenzy over the new monetary policy.

Keep your eyes open, it's going to happen fast.

Please don't leave it there.

Raj wants to tell you something.

The Department of Public Works is redoing the design of the streets and sidewalks in order to make them more pedestrian-friendly.

Send us your shadows!

The Internet is an invaluable source of information.

I can explain everything.


They will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into sickles. Nation will not lift sword against nation, no longer will they learn how to make war.

He was able to get the information by reading the letter.

Jock sat down beside her.

The pregnancy left her with stretch marks.

We spoke yesterday.

I can't tell her the truth.

Peter says he'll never go again.

I'd have loved to see you at the party I organised yesterday.

My hair is so messy!

To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss.

Karl has always been alone.

Jinchao's hands were dirty.

That is money down the drain.

Talk to Izchak.

Ill weeds are sure to thrive.

All that's required is one injection and some electronic devices.

Winston is very easy to talk to.

I was here all the time.

You have done these things, and I kept silence. You thought that the "I AM" was just like you. I will rebuke you, and accuse you in front of your eyes.


She'll be having dinner with him at this time tomorrow.

What do you want with Jeffrey?

He waved goodbye to us.

Turn around for a second, will you?

We meet our engagements.

No one can get near the boss.

In a sense what he says is true.

We can't just pretend like nothing happened.

Sorry I won't be there.


Father took us to the zoo yesterday.

Blake is a goofball.

I read both of those books in tandem several years ago and I can't remember which one the scene you're describing was in.

Donal is only a little older than Max.

Juliane always has trouble sleeping the night before a big exam.

Would you care for some tea?

Spring will be late.

Have mercy on me!

That's close enough.


Is she your mom?

Alain called to say you can't stay with him next week when you visit Boston.

In the automotive industry of the 1970's, Japan beat the U.S. at its own game.


My nephew works as a computer engineer.

I thought Hillary and Nicolo would have forgotten me by now.

Gerald likes things the way they are.

I think Brooke is still here.

What hours is it open?

No one can keep me from going there.

We can't ask Jordan to do that.

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It's dirty work.


Happy the one who further desires nomore!

I knew very little about him.

This gate needs painting.


We really need a man like you here.


My friend got good marks in the English examination.

He laced his fingers together.

Winnie has never gone abroad.

Shakil is walking up the stairs.

He didn't buy it.

I'm dead set against the plan.

Lee spent the last years of his life in Boston.

Do you know who this car belongs to?

I always do that.


I've played the piano ever since I was a boy.

School reopens in September.

Anne told me what he saw.

What do you suggest I do then?

It is pleasant to watch a loving old couple.


I have to give you a chance.


My brother and I were very close.


In the Pleistocene the Sunda Platform, which today underlies the Java Sea, was dry land.

The project will require 2000 man-hours to complete.

We must learn to live in harmony with nature.

They know why.

Our train already left.

Oh, he speaks Russian, doesn't he?

I don't have anything better to do.


Mr Johnson is, as it were, a walking dictionary.


Please cut along the dotted line.

It's the worst time in my life.

They have an infectious disease.

We're hoping for good weather.

I made a lot of stupid mistakes.


I'll tell her later.


I don't want Kolkka to get into trouble.

Laura is watching television news.

Sheila has been arrested and charged with Heather's murder.


Let me show it to you.


I was laughing so hard I nearly dislocated my jaw.

The report is only too true.

I found them there.

I got there early and was able to get a seat in front.

Miltos doesn't know when Norm will leave Boston.