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Two in distress make sorrow less.

I think Ross has a drinking problem.

Having failed many times, he never gave up the plan.

I don't know them that well.

Did you give a copy of the disk to anyone?


I spent the whole weekend at home on the computer.


I forgot the key and went back for it.

Do you eat octopus?

Magic: The Gathering is a board game.

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Dan knocked down Matt with a kick in the face.

I like speaking French.

She took over the business after her husband died.

I need about a minute.

How tall are you?

Tell the truth no matter what.

There was a banner on the wall that said "Happy Birthday."

Jianyun eats nothing but white meat.

He cuts down trees in the mountains.


Whatever you do, do it with foresight, focusing on the result.

Clay sat calmly.

They want to choose their mates by their own will.


You can stay here as long as you want.

One must be respectful when speaking, and not say obscene things.

I asked Hartmann what he thought.

I don't agree with it.

"Werner will buy that painting." "How can you be sure?"

Shall we stop in at a coffee shop?

He went to Lima so that he could learn much there.

What can you give me?

It's easy money.


Do you like listening to music or singing songs?

On the following day there was a clear frost, and very soon came the spring. The sun shone; the young green leaves burst forth; the swallows built their nests; windows were opened, and the children sat once more in the garden on the roof, high above all the other rooms.

A whistle blew, and the boat slowly began to pull out of port.


He's not a fool, you know!

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Billy teaches French.

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It's not good to overeat.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again before long.

Can you show me where the bathroom is?


Kit, are you decent?

On the whole, Grace has almost never been late.

I'm trying to get your parents to like me.

These monks live inside the monastery.

Tommy went back to his room.

He was left all alone in the woods.

Does he go to school early?


I've finished reading the book.


I've got nothing to report.

I found the field trip very educational.

Let's go swimming.


A squid has ten arms.

Do you believe that elephants can contemplate life after death?

Just don't say anything.

We knew you'd come.

I will marry you.

I want to say: "Thanks for the trip to Afghanistan and for my prosthesis!"

I want to be sure you understand what's going to happen.

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Lee and Curtis agreed on a price.

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Mechael isn't going to tell us anything.

Some molds are so big that it takes six truckloads of concrete to fill them.

I had never seen him so completely bewildered as he was on that day.

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She's sure to succeed.


He found a dog abandoned in the wood.

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He has a terrible fashion sense.

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My mouth forms a lot of saliva.


Astronomy deals with the stars and planets.

No one in their right mind would walk in those woods at night.

Rhonda is better than the rest of us.

What do you want to do with your life?

Granting that the aim is right, how will you carry out the plan?

The ice under your feet will break.

We all need air and water to live.


Mikey told Rajendra to go to her room.

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Please pay cash, not by credit card.

We both know this isn't right.

That's what Fritz wants.

Sandy pretended he was sick.

Pria unlocked his car.

I've told you where to meet us.

Normally this would be funny.

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I'm taking antibiotics.

You had better see the doctor.

You should try to help him.

Edmond is very good at playing guitar.

I won't go to vote!

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It's over there.


Go that way.

I realized that cats can see in the dark.

Where did you push them?

May I know you?

I'm putting my ass in a sling for you.

What are Joni's options now?

You know, there are more and more old people.


Devon hates it when it's hot.

I'm so frightened.

Her eyes were wet.

The room was illuminated with red lights.

Marcel is good at cards.

That was frustrating.

He thought I was stupid.

Kieran and Ernst joined the group.

Vick does fine work.


Is Leith sleeping?

I hate not winning.

You may as well not keep a dog at all as leave it to someone else.

That was only a guess.

I should take this.

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He doesn't read his novels.


Leith opened the glove compartment and took out a pair of sunglasses.

Sam is an intriguing guy.

Joseph came to visit us just last week.

We don't have anything to do right now.

I majored in chemistry at the university.

We're wildly looking for evidence of our own existence.

We shouldn't do this to him.

There is no one who has been loved by the students more than Mr Jones.

Don't you think that's an exaggeration?

I heard Marcia singing.

Moses isn't mean.

How many songs have you written?

Roland trimmed his mustache.

Supposing war broke out, what would you do?

I want to go to see a film.

I promise you I'll take care of Tanya.

Dan didn't even feel the needle.


The ship sailed down the channel.

I want this building searched from top to bottom.

Lucifer's family sold their farm and moved to the city.


Takayuki looked at the painting.


Is she a good person?


Amigo is prettier and makes better grades than Alice.

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If you leave now, you'll get there on time.

I'll finish it later.

Do we have enough food?

Pass the salt, please.

Nobody wants Dawn.

Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple.

When Shel saw me, he ran away.

I think that he is too young.

Lenora has been to Boston before.

He's so gay he's abetting US troops in Iraq.

Solid water is called ice.


Well, you've convinced me.


Keep this money for me.

How is Linley doing?

Though it was cold, he didn't light the fire.

I'll look after it this afternoon.

Please read this book.

I'm always listening to music; I can't live without it.

They had to leave at once to catch the train.


Ravindran was better today.

He has been in deep water since he got fired from his job.

She had enough sense to understand what he really meant.

Why's Steve still here?

The soldiers cornered Dwayne at the edge of a high cliff.

This means that others can only come to know you and like you by listening to what you say.

We can't get close to the enemy.


Vishal tried to get me to help him.

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Judith doesn't know what to buy Alain for her birthday.

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