I'm glad I wasn't there.


We often play chess after school.

Kelly didn't play golf.

Why are you so dressed up? Where are you going?

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I go to all of my club's matches whenever I can.

We're booked on flight 308.

The political scandal was brought to light by two journalists.

I'm losing my grip.

Money will do nothing to it.

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I've done crazier things than this.


Women share everything.


It is better to lie low until this affair blows over.

I know that I am a good teacher.

Is there anything else you need me to check?

He is a painter, but he can't paint in the traditional Chinese style.

I should've worn gloves.

He lied brazenly.

Jared has been telling me about it.


Kory looked quite tired.

He's a big boy.

He looked up.

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You're not done yet.

The game ended with a 1-1 tie.

I faxed Naomi the information he asked for.


The man connected two wires.

He is as poor as can be.

I've never been under this much pressure before.

He walked his horse to the gate.

I can tell that you're a daughter who cares much for your parents.


Susanne didn't have a lot of time.

It's locked.

Mwa is a stranger in this town.

He got the job.

What is wabisabi?

Zhao Meiling is very smart.

That's why I like her.

Africa is a very large continent.

I can't stay here.

Is that why you won't help Susanne?

He was expelled from school.

I know something they don't know.

Evil is not eternal.

Why would I do such a thing?

Clarissa takes six tablets every morning after breakfast.


Security eventually intervened.


This isn't the way I wanted to remember Max.


I talked my father out of smoking.

We have a signed agreement.

I tried to keep from laughing.


"It could happen to anybody." "But it always happens to you!"

I don't know what to do with this.

The Chinese are a hard-working people.

Would you like another apple?

When is the next train for Boston?

The flood of 1342 was the biggest deluge in the history of central Europe.

He may have told a lie.


She gave my elbow a little jog.

I heard you talking.

I left your umbrella on the bus.

Konstantinos has some problems.

Some people hate to argue.

She complained of the room being too hot.

You are gorgeous.

Nobody visits them.

Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow's a school day.

I have kept a diary in English these ten years.

You're all hungry, aren't you?

Bad weather prevented us from departing.

There's no student discount.

Who gave him that recipe book?

Use your own money.

His sister is not going to America.

Where is the nearest drugstore?

The first time you meet people, you should be careful about how near you stand to them.

The banquet was in full swing.

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I think he will succeed.


Those are unacceptable.

Expensive things often prove more economical in the long run.

She read the book all night.

Teresa is the one who told me about Pierre.

Chicago is often called "the Windy City".


The leader made formidable declarations.


As a rule, our English teacher gives a lot of homework.


Where do you think you're going?

The goal of the center should be to train young people from other countries within a specific time period.

Why are Japanese so prejudiced against lesbians and bisexuals?

He stared at his feet.

I'm never gonna intentionally get drunk.

The baby started crying.

It would be a pity if you missed out on seeing Sergeant while you're in Boston.


That's not acceptable to me.

It'll be over in a minute.

I feel I can do that.


Do you know what's wrong with Olof?

Nobody saw anything.

Whoever sleeps too much has less time to live.

She's been ill since last Wednesday.

I am 20 years old.


I don't think I know anyone who can speak French.

It could never happen.

She's not the lying type.

How can you put up with that guy?

It is just to remember god when one is prospering.

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In one's reading, great writers of the past must be given the most attention.

Don't you feel the house shaking?

Christofer committed a series of murders.


Don't encourage her.

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Do you know where they come from?

Enter here!

Eddy was at school all day.

Timo stopped by a while ago.

Which house is his?

Do you know what's going on?

I threw it out.

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Ragnar can't read all these books in one day.

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Have you heard the rumor about Myron?


Hitch your wagon to a star.

The group is introducing some songs from their new album.

I'm a little tired today.


We're helping them.

Social conditions are going backward rather than forward.

Never did I see such powerful speakers.

Let's hope Mason hasn't done anything stupid.

Griff has no desire to get John in trouble.

We need a distraction.

People work to live, instead of living to work.


I am trying to make it out.


It wasn't much of a debate.

Everything has its good side and bad side. Unfortunately, we usually see only one of them.

I could not understand.


The meeting was adjourned until the next week.


Well, the shirt is very cute.

I can't believe Galen told you.

I still haven't found work.

It looks really hard!

There's a man with a gun in his hand standing at the door.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

You have to account for the result.


I give you five minutes to resolve this issue.


Don't forget that good jobs are very hard to come by these days.


He brought it up first, but he didn't show up. What's going on?


Those students work hard, don't they?

Did you ever think you'd see Price doing something like that?

Calvin isn't very confident.


It's gotten late, so you better hurry up and sleep. You still need to go to work tomorrow.


You've got to do what Juha told you to do.

Let's take a look at this.

Let's go and talk to her.

As a devoted father, Bele escorts his son to school every day.

Do you know where these equations come from?

The richest man in the world cannot buy her love.

I half expected Kristian to start dancing.

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I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; you have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of a woman.

I don't really know how to deal with Venkata.

How did Justin do this?

Cyrus realized it was time to leave.

Andreas said he was ready to talk.

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I hate my body.