The Broctagon Ecosystem provides
synergized solutions which serve the
technological, financial and consulting
needs of FinTech businesses everywhere,
no matter their scale or developmental stage.

Solutions Suite

We help brokerages develop their front end, trading engine and back end so they can fully focus on their business.

Liquidity Systems

We offer financial entities dynamic access to high-quality regulated liquidity and clearing solutions.

Corporate Services

From ignition to expansion, we give businesses everything they need to hit the ground running.


We mentor and provide resources for aspiring entrepreneurs to help turn concepts into game-changing enterprises.

Our Careers

Make a difference on the global stage.

A holistic, inclusive environment means more than representing talent from all over the world.It means creating a collective experience of constant striving towards excellence.If you are prepared to make a real difference in the world of FinTech, then Broctagon is where you ought to be.

Flagship Trading Technology

The industry needed a
simple yet powerful
platform. So we built it.

We don’t like having to make the choice between efficiency and productivity, especially when we believe we can have both when it comes to trading. Our flagship technology doesn’t only make trading simpler and more powerful—it changes the way people trade. We’ve created a product which perfectly integrates a desktop-based platform with our modern, mobile world, one which allows traders to trade differently—to trade better.

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Our Clients

We believe in creating results that speak for themselves. Our clients’ continual and immeasurable success is testament to the quality of the FinTech solutions we provide.

Our Mission

An Infinity of Solutions
for an Infinity of Needs

“To be the catalyst of innovations that excite, technologies that inspire and solutions
that push boundaries and reimagine possibilities; to create a FinTech ecosystem which
sets the stage for infinite synergies and propels the industry forward.”

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