Let's not forget the main purpose of this meeting.

It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

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Takayuki doesn't drink now.

Randell can't believe Sarah knows why John doesn't like her.

We met on a cruise.


Shakil thinks he's in love.

The students at that school wear uniforms.

How good are they?

I'm not accusing anyone.

I want to go back there tonight.


I can't believe that Earl kissed me.

Griff was very drunk.

Dick created that group.


May I have one of these?


Bonnie doesn't live here.

It's clear Bruce doesn't have an ounce of humanity.

Her means are small.

"This brand is very mild," Dad said.

She looked up at the ceiling.

I'm using the same books as you are.

Shutoku was convicted and sentenced to death.

Making mistakes in a translation or original sentence doesn't matter much, because sooner or later someone always corrects them.

I heard you say that this morning.

I don't care whichever you choose.

He stayed absolutely silent throughout the conference.

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You look good with those glasses on.

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He's the perfect man for her.

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Don't play around on your way home.

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Maybe Robin knows what I did wrong.

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What did you think when you actually met me for the first time?

You can't fire him.

Christian nodded in response to my question.

They demanded that the mayor should resign.

We found that there is no information about freight and insurance in your quote.

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I worked really hard on this.


Drew's condition is worsening.

Why does everyone hate Mysore?

I injured myself during PE class.

It took me a month to get over my cold.

It's one of my hobbies.

Police shouldn't take bribes.

This image can be seen either as a duck or as a rabbit, but not as both at the same time.

We went whitewater rafting over the weekend.

Mick must've gone out.

Get me another beer.

He speaks French and of course he speaks English, too.


I guess that's not what Scot wanted.

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Vern obtained the list of all the hotels in the area.

Wolfgang has been reported missing.

Since I wasn't hungry, I only ordered coffee.


Are you going to miss it?

I hear foetal heart sounds.

She is terrified of hospitals.

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Would you please consider that?

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Joubert can't go out drinking with the guys tonight. He has to stay home and take care of his mother.

Maybe they gave up.

I think Isaac hangs out with Joseph too much.


I liked these T-shirts, and I bought three of them.


I don't have any money left.

I'll wait for her.

I recognized her at first glance.

Guy had no desire to go out with George.

I'll loan you the money you want.

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They live near a busy road, but must be used to the noise by now.


I stole this from her.


I called Kriton a fat pig.

You're a wise man.

Clarissa told Raman he'd never been to a nude beach.

She's interested in fashion.

We majored in literature at the university.


I can't figure out why you don't like jazz.


We need to do things differently.

There must be another way out.

The conversation was secretly recorded and used as evidence.

Why not just tell us?

It was Karen's fault, not yours.

My brother has been sick since yesterday.

That's not quite what I was thinking.

Every Monday Mrs. Evans washed all the family's clothes in the tin bath.

Alastair took one of the sandwiches.

Sid looked out of the window.

Elaine would never do that to Carole.

Prevention is much preferable to cure.

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.

Russians never smile.

Art is still sick.

In America, scores of free agents switch teams every year.

The Mississippi River is deep and wide.

Susan told me he was planning to go to Boston.

We have experienced many changes over the last decade.

The whole town knows of it.

The bath is open on Saturdays.

Lynnette asked for Walter's help.

I don't know why I did it.

This could happen anywhere.

It is exciting to welcome Jane.

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Carlos is doing graduate work in science.

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Hurry up and bring me something to drink.

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What is better than sentences to get acquainted?


A fuse has blown.

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He filed the surface smooth.

There is no such thing as an untimely erection.

There is no knowing what will happen.


I am not familiar with his character.


Shouldn't you tell Vivek what Mayo did?


Has the cat got your tongue?

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I didn't tell her that.

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We don't like them.


You drank alcohol again? I told you not to!

Ask him his name.

Packaging can actually prevent certain kinds of waste.

As a rule, it doesn't snow much here.

Why are you moving to Boston?

It's been a long time.

He isn't lonely anymore.


I wish I had the chance to learn Russian.


We were both grinning.

Joseph is a security officer.

I have bruises all over my body.

I am not such a fool but can appreciate it.

Go ahead and say so if it hurts.

I'll stay and help any way I can.

Many high school and college students return to their dormitories at this time.

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Sticking up philosophical words together won't make you more of an intellectual.

I'm fed up with his long talks.

Perhaps we could talk about this somewhere else.

This sentence is not correct.

I know her quite well.

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Don't give me any more trouble.

Phil waited for Triantaphyllos to come back.

Let's not talk about that right now.

Why did you stay at home yesterday?

Those are all great ideas.

Stanley is the one to blame.

The Irish girl, who is writing in Irish, is a writer.

Love, Jon.

What do you want me to get?

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It's no small matter.


What can you tell us about this painting?

Raj came into the house, carrying his skateboard.

Don't resist us.

We have two cherry trees growing in the garden.

We weren't doing anything wrong.


You may enter.

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Clouds were floating in the sky.


Will you shovel the driveway?

What's cloud computing?

I never thought I would enjoy living in the country.

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He is making good progress in playing the piano.

Mahmoud wondered if Herbert loved him as much as he loved her.

I can't abide hearing you cry so bitterly.

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I wonder if Barton is sleeping.

You'll have to pay a damn sight more than that for it.

It rained hard yesterday.