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Xpect Solutions, Inc. (XPECT) is a dynamic, passionate systems integrator, providing our customers with innovative, leading edge IT and physical security solutions. Our success is built on a solid foundation of well-vetted, highly technical personnel, a disciplined project management approach, and an overarching commitment to customer service.

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Protecting critical resources and equipment is the key component of an effective physical security program. Tracking the physical locations and movement of assets, resources, and data ensures that information remains secure and personnel are safe from known and unknown threats. Securing the data in place is not enough. Stringent access control must be established, monitored, and maintained while still allowing for rapid flow of communication and easy entry/exit to physical and virtual locations.


At Xpect, we are experts in matching our clients up with the best IP cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR's) and remote access networks and systems for their unique scenarios. Our skilled technicians install IP-based Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ), fixed position, panoramic, thermal, and high definition (HD) cameras. Our IP-based systems balance having the right amount of storage capacity, video resolution quality, and compression algorithms. As leaders in networking technologies, we ensure that the network infrastructure is updated and running at optimal performance, so our customers’ video equipment capture and record the best possible images.

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At the heart of any organization is reliable, fast, and well-protected infrastructure. As the demand for access to data and more secure environments grows, the expertise to design, deploy, and protect these complex systems becomes more critical.

Xpect Solutions will design, build, implement, and maintain next generation networks that are the foundation in delivering premier IT systems and networks. We will design, test, and install the physical security systems that will protect the personnel and facilities operating and supporting these networks. We evolve with our customers as their needs change and grow.

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As the foundation of any IT communication network, a robust network infrastructure is critical to help deliver the services and applications used by the end-user. As the convergence of data, voice, and video becomes more and more prevalent a supporting network infrastructure must be in place to interconnect the servers and systems which provide the mission critical services the users need. An infrastructure that can provide resiliency, redundancy, scalability in a secure and manageable manner is fundamental.

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Our team of mobility architects, engineers, and technicians deliver turnkey wireless network and mobile solutions. We design secure infrastructures that support the mobile-device-as-desktop platform. Our designs utilize the leading industry leaders’ wireless and mobile technology and products, including but not limited to, Aruba, Cisco, AirWatch, Netgear, Riverbed, Spidercloud, LiFi, VMware, NetScout, and Fluke. Our engineers replace legacy mobile networks with robust mobile device management (MDM) software and the lightning fast smart phone technologies.


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