I'm Kriton's new partner.

They're going to have a lot more questions than we do.

The effects of this change don't affect you.

Vince cried as he read Emmett's letter.

She grew up in an abusive home.

Who's going to drive me to the airport?

I don't want to tell my girlfriend.

The doctor told Nancy he needed to eat a more balanced diet.

I don't know what Samuel wants to do.

It's nice to feel needed.

I don't attend more often, not because I'm not interested, but because I can't find the time.

Julie is very talented.

I never feel at ease in his company.

I don't want to be treated special.

You had better make sure that he is at home before you call on him.

You can't buy anything interesting in this store.

I liked to write in Chinese.

Life's seed is laid.

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Rand is the only one who understands this.

It was hard to get the access to the building.

It's brand new.


I don't need my carpet cleaned.

I will go if I must.

We will take a quick break.

Give him a big hand!

We still don't know why Hubert isn't here.

You know so much about Alexander.

It'll pay off later on.

Joanna washed the potatoes.

My brother is small but he has grown a lot recently.

I enjoy working.

Margot took a bad fall.

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My dream is to speak Chinese fluently.

I'm making a snowman.

It must've been Deb who did that.

I'm sorry, I've got to go.

What can you do now?

Adrian doesn't seem particularly interested in learning French.

Jacob showed Angela his baby pictures.

I understand you had a fight with Kayvan yesterday.

I teach English.

Merril isn't suffering from an altered perception of reality. He's enjoying it.

Did you get them something?

Are there any sights you would recommend we see?

She is very anxious about your health.

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It hasn't been easy for Marek to earn enough money to support his large family.


Doesn't that just make you angry?

Is it fifth period?

Sharpen the end of the stick a little.

Wes is tall and athletic.

He is a lonely man with few friends.

He ran his fingers through her hair.

Mitchell is a grown man now.

The government supplied weapons to local militia.

In the summers, I cut clothes at the tailor's shop.

Ask Kelly what we need to do next.

Karen went there herself.


They are the so-called victims of war.

I'll help when I come back.

Dan set the tool shed ablaze.

Illness kept him from attending the party.

What fun would that be?

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Lui didn't understand my French.


But if you put the kitten between the whales, he'll be warm.


What do you need to know?


Early bird gets the worm.

He is said to be rich.

Bert doesn't go to high school, does he?


I'm not very good at remembering names.

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In the store, there's not a soul to listen to us.

Incidentally, that the gills of fish are bright red is because there are many 'capillary vessels' collected there, the same as for lungs.

Once you've said something, it can't be taken back.

It is one thing to acquire knowledge; it is quite another to apply it.

Are you a prisoner?


No matter what I did, Ken wouldn't listen to me.

Elwood seems to be waiting for someone.

I knew Jeremy would be busy.


You weren't deceived, were you?

Tell me everything about you.

I didn't do a thing.


We put up our tent in the shade of a large tree.

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Jacobson is holding Pat's hands.

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She began to talk to the dog.


This road is closed to cars.

The police officer placed Beckie under arrest.

Eliminating the deficit will be a very difficult job.


Why won't anybody answer any of my questions?

Kikki thought that Claude didn't understand French.

The good news brought tears to her eyes.

I don't think I like that.

He faithfully discharged his duty.


I want to work from the taxpayers' point of view.

These socks are a bargain.

My mother would freak out if she knew about it.

I thought Lynn might know Vincent.

I'd like to send this parcel to Japan by sea.

He was seated all alone.

How did you like the food at that restaurant?

Say ... I can hear screams coming from the women's bath.

He was standing with his arms folded.


Last night's storm washed out the road.


He was injured badly in the accident.

Could you tell me why you weren't at the meeting?

He has endured physical and mental pain.

The clicking of high heels kind of hurts my ears. Do the people wearing them not notice?

Diane was about to say something to Cyrus when his phone rang.

Who got shot?

Andreas isn't easy to impress.

I'd like to thank you for helping us.

Would you rather read a novel or watch a movie?

With one accord the audience stood up and applauded.

The cargo spacecraft exploded a few seconds after launch.

Progress is a lovely word. But its driving force is change, and change has its enemies.

Torsten doesn't like to sing in French.


The people voted in November.

I don't think we need that.

There must be a defect in the experimental method.

Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned.

Can you help me here?


I'm not going to help you.

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It is characteristic of the fork ball, one of baseball's change-ups, that a ball that flew straight will drop suddenly just before the batter.

A white van pulled up outside the house.

She lives near the ocean, but she can't swim.

What are you going to do to me?

I want to buy some earplugs before I go to tonight's concert.

Do you go to school on foot or by bicycle?

I'm really glad to see you.

I got more and more bored as the speech went on.

He laughed until tears filled his eyes.


I worked my way through college.


The station replaced cartoons for yet another sports broadcast.


If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Why's your French pronunciation so good?

It's very boring.


I'm glad you made it home in one piece.

He slept an hour.

Naren could hardly breathe.


A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

I'm on my way to work.

I study mathematics.

Does Kristian have to be there?

I think that can be arranged.

When I get the milk out of the fridge, I close the fridge door by giving it a shove with my elbow. How do you do it?

Children imitate their parents.

Stanly often comes over and swims laps in our swimming pool.

Compassion is the basis of all morality.

I have a new pen; I'll lend it to you.

I missed what you said.


After the accident, the injured were taken to hospital.

A thick fog blanketed the city.

Typhoon No.11 is moving up north at twenty kilometers per hour.

His behavior really got on my nerves.

Let's talk on Skype.

I don't want to study German.

Male circumcision decreases the risk of viral infections that cause herpes and cancer.

You should have thought of that before you got her pregnant.

It makes all the children happy.

My father studies astronomy, or the science of stars.

I've got a hunch something might be happening tonight.


It was the year A.F. 632. "A.F." meant "After Ford" as in the T-Model.

Let's talk in my office.

A stringed instrument might be plucked, bowed, or struck.

Tie the horse to that tree.

Clouds were floating in the blue sky.

We all cried when we watched the movie.

There is nothing of the banker in his bearing.


Did you know that the crane is a migratory bird and that it can lift up to one hundred kilograms?