Goldline International
Equipment Manufacturing LLC.

Loading Rack Equipment

for  loading  and  unloading  rail  cars  and  tank  trucks

Goldline International Equip. Mfg. LLC

"We Manufacture Safety"

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Loading Racks

Goldline "Fast-Erect" Loading Rack Systems provide galvanized bolt-together modular components that are safe and simple to assemble without welding or burning in the field.


"Safe-Walk" Units

Goldline "Safe-Walk" units come in four main types: Bridges, Self-Leveling Stairs, Ramps, and Extendable Base. From each "Safe-Walk" system there is a Model length and width to meet your project needs.


Safety Cages

Goldline Safety Cage systems  meet or exceed code requirements. The Goldline safety cage systems are custom built to meet your project requirements.


Mobile Racks

The Goldline M.A.P. Mobile Loading Racks are designed to be a portable mobile loading station for access to all types of vehicles.

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Hose Handlers

Hose Handlers

Goldline has two Hose Handler systems. The Single Beam Hose Handler supports two hoses while the Craddle Style supports up to six hoses.



Goldline Gallows Fall Protection systems provide 100% Fall Protection and ease of mobility on elevated platforms.

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Pipe Bridge

Goldline Pipe Bridges come in two basic types-- either solid welded or "Fast-Erect" bolt together systems intigrating with your project needs.

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Nautical Products

Nautical Products

Goldline's Beam Style and Truss Style Nautical Gangways will also work with either Goldlines' fixed or Pedestal Turn Table platforms.