I don't think I should doubt you.


They danced until around midnight.


Because he comes from a poor family, little Sundar may have to go without boots this winter.

I'd better say goodbye.

Dan wasn't familiar with weapons.

She likes reading English literature.

How much does a beer cost here?

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There are always more people who want to fix someone else's mistakes than those who want to do something on their own.

I wanted to thank you for that.

Make no mistake, they are extremely dangerous.

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That dress really becomes him.

Bob is accustomed to hard work.

This boat has six oars.

"I never thought Len would win." "Me neither."

This conversation is over. Bye.

You dropped something.

He leveled his gun at me.


Takao wrapped a towel around her head.

Would you like us to help you?

May I suggest another approach?

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Will you have some coffee?

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He is eminent both as a teacher and writer.

You made the front page.

I have a lot of friends to support me mentally.


I can't believe that we're really here.

I could use a hand.

I frequently talk to her.

He had a leg amputated.

Could you do the dishes, please?

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Kids catch colds easily.

We didn't have computers when I was growing up.

A couple of sparrows are building a nest on the balcony of my house.

Hardly anybody's happy today.

You know more about Srivatsan than anyone else does.

We're very excited.

Do you think Patricia wants to go by himself?


Heidi wants some alone time.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

I like to add new sentences to Tatoeba.

It's impossible to find parking around here.


This is my wine.

Kirsten went to the refrigerator and took out a pitcher of the orange juice.

I'd rather not interfere.


He convinced us of her innocence.

Can I talk to for just a minute?

This isn't your decision.

Where is the nearest shop?

The doctor made six house calls in the afternoon.


I am too focused on my career.

Millions of men lost their jobs.

The heroine of the novel committed suicide.

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Keep in touch, please.

As an overweight woman, Emmett has experienced many incidents of people judging her based on her size.

Did someone tell you that you had to do this?

Rodger had trouble explaining what he wanted.

Napoleon's headquarters were in an unused windmill.

I disagree with you on the matter.

They'll know what that means.

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Why is your cat so big?

It's unclear what went wrong.

I want to thank you for your time.

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Did you fix it?

The jackal howls.

I never sleep in.

That's treason.

I used to be a planner, but now I'm a wreckless punk.


Why are you all here?

That love affair is a family secret.

I think it will cost you more than 10,000 yen to have this camera fixed.


A very common type of elbow pain is known as "tennis elbow" in English.

He reared three children by himself.

Hazel isn't afraid to fail.

Is there anything you want me to burn?

Which do you prefer, meat or fish?


I have two passes to the game.

Where did you say this came from?

Here and there.

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Cathy is infuriated.

Sridharan did the same thing that Nicolette did.

She was an activist in the Women's Liberation Movement.

I helped fix the leak.

Everything turned out all right in the end.

Robbin became tired of always having to pay the bill every time he went out with Janos.

I'd like it if you would clean this room before I get back.

These products are superior to theirs.

The man you met yesterday was Mr. Brown.

I will not hear of you going out alone after dark.

You're very quiet today.

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I utterly despise formal writing!

I'd like to take a look around.

Was it fun?

What's stopping you?

The lid of this box won't lift.


I'm glad your cold is better.


The police will soon arrive on the scene.

Neil looked stunned.

Guys better don't bring up this topic. You're young, playful, everything's easy for you. It's wrong. It's not Chikatilo, and not even FBI archives. Better don't venture here. I'm serious, any of you would regret. Better close the topic and forget everything written here. I quite understand this message provokes more interest, but I want to warn the curious - stop. The rest will just be lost.

I'm glad to be of service.

Promise you'll drop by tonight.


Juan rolled up his sleeve, exposing a hideous scar.

What's the population of Australia?

His actions are typical of those of his friends.


The athletic meeting has been postponed until the first fine day.

I have nothing better to do.

Thank you all for the congratulations!

It's rigged.

I want to do something useful.

No one has ever been able to enter the room.

I don't give a damn about it!

He yielded to her ardent wishes.

I arrested many thieves at the same time.


He grudged spending money on such a thing.

He came to me hat in hand and asked for a loan.

The Earth has been hit before by asteroids and will be again someday.

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Sheila lives in a small town near Boston.

Please don't interrupt me while I'm talking.

This glass is dirty.

Is there any salad oil in the bottle?

I was anxious for his success.


They love chili.

I'm sure Ranjit will never forget it.

I burned myself with boiling water.

The doctor pronounced him dead.

I really care about Kenn.

We all grew up believing that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, some now believe that all opinions are equal.

I can't express myself in French very well.

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And then he met a girl who changed his life forever.

My friend is completely crazy. Don't pay attention to him.

Merat brought me coffee.

Gunnar used to be poor.

I honestly don't know anything.

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I'm sorry, I really am.

I've seen you someplace.

You're not invited to lunch.

In my point of view, a car does more harm than good.

A spiral galaxy is shaped like a disk. The disk tends to resemble a pinwheel with arms which spiral outward as it rotates.

Chip is an excellent jazz singer.

After sex, I fell asleep with my head on her belly.

Are you going to tell me your name?

It is quite a grand view.

You should marry her.

Judith is very hard to please.

If you accept gay marriage ten years after it became the law of the land, you are not avant garde, you are a laggard.

I said it might rain.


You're having a nightmare.

What are your favorite vowels?

We haven't done that in a long time.

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Even today, in many village schools of our republic they are teaching no foreign languages; for lack of teachers.


Geoff has come a long way to see us.

A bus transported us from the airport to the city.

Apart from the weather, it was a good picnic.


He's got one foot in the grave.

Where is the United Airlines check-in counter?

What happened to you in Boston?

I hate dogs.

They refused to release the hostages.

I feel relieved.

I'm still a little hungry.

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"What's up with his voice?" "Look down." "HELLO." "I see. He texts with his mouth." "A crude description, but accurate."

I've climbed Mt. Fuji four times.

She studies hygiene as part of her domestic science course.

Most people consider murder wrong.

Maybe the voices in my head aren't right after all.