Support for Incubators

Our programs and consultancy turn Incubators into Growth Accelerators within weeks! We provide everything you need for the speedy success of your startups.


Support for Universities/Colleges

We created a series of acceleration programs for students who aspire to become startups. The programs are run by the central Career office or individual departments.


Funding for Businesses

We will help you get the private investment or public funding that you need in order to develop your business.

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Business guidance, mentorship and advice on access to funding is available to startups and early stage businesses. We focus on e-commerce and e-services entrepreneurs, who are determined to build high-growth and scalable businesses. The entrepreneurs are asked to contribute with their enthusiasm, hard work and vision for the future. We do the rest!


How we do it

We support tech entrepreneurs in their ventures. Our purpose is to help them get traction for their new products or services. In order to achieve this, we encourage them to pursuit organic growth and cut down on the waste of time and money. We give tech startups the opportunity to participate in our online programs and take advantage of our teaching resources, virtual mentorship, online communities, and advice on accessing funding.

We are here to help you decide the direction of your business

We will share with you the knowledge of how to creative disruptive businesses

We use Silicon Valley business technology to scale up startups

Our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs with acknowledged successes in the business world.

We provide funding for your startups, bring you in contact with professional investors and help you apply for public grants or loans.

The teaching is all happening in cyberspace, so that you can access the lectures at a time of your convenience.

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