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This Network is about increasing access to housing for people with disabilities. We place special emphasis on preventing homelessness and expanding housing opportunities that are affordable to persons with disability income limits and persons unnecessarily housed in institutions.


Who Benefits From NSHN?
woman at computer (519) 703-0879: Help is available for finding housing that is affordable with the necessary services to allow persons to live in the community. Tools for consumers and caregivers is on the Self-Help page.
Mayfair Apartments 9092020359: Access resources related to developing supportive housing and social services, including best practice models, grant writing tools and funding sources. Information and Tools for developers, caregivers and providers is on the Resources page.
capital-lr 410-220-7241: Providing supportive housing in the community can save tax-funded costs related to unnecessary stays in institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals, jails and shelters, in addition to the benefits for the individual! Tools for educating policy makers is found in the Advocacy page. Tools for protecting the rights of persons with disabilities is found in the Legal page. Research can also be found in the Resources section.
crowd_edited-1 (315) 889-3002: Receive maximum benefits by becoming a member! Membership grants access to additional tools and resources reserved especially for our members.