I'm sorry I mentioned it.

What's that book about?

Gregg will end up in jail.

I'll give it a try, but don't get your hopes up.


I know how to write a letter in English.

There was nobody else in the room except Jean.

Their job is to wash the cars.

I know that the opposition member might be wrong.

You don't need to tell me.


"Mein Kampf" is a book by Adolf Hitler.

The youngest boy dropped behind the other hikers.

I'm sorry, I'll pay you back in kind.

We have more room for activities.

Tommy didn't know anything about Jeannette's boyfriend.

I've arranged for a bit of privacy.

The Yin and the Yang are complimentary rather than opposite forces.

Stacy can't stop it.

Future generations will admire your statue.

They're inquisitive.

They're about to start.


Then, they spent that day with Jesus.

Marion is one of the guys that Miltos is interested in.

You're the guy who killed her.


You're the cook.


You'll never change.

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I know you're not like that!


We paid him four dollars.

They embraced.

We didn't take notice of her sorrow.

My brother doesn't swim.

Do you think we suit each other?

Tricia is in trouble now.

Is it difficult to learn French?

I know your face.

You must be back on Sunday at the latest.


And then everyone started laughing.

Gary hurried back to the apartment.

Seenu said he can get us what we need.


We woke up very early in order to see the sunrise.


She knelt beside him and asked him what his name was.

Rodger lost his only son in a car accident.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

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Eliot doesn't know if Cory will come.

Deb went out of his way to help Fritz.

Micheal is really angry right now.

Ruth shut his laptop.

The sound of the parade died away.

Darren isn't in trouble.

The strong wind died away at night.

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Did you decide to go to Japan?

This bag is made of leather.

I thought that was a done deal.

Sergei seems pretty wasted already.

Rayan said he had nowhere to go.

I was in the front seat.

I couldn't help but follow her.

I have to renew my passport.

You will not be charged for another delivery.

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This shouldn't take long.

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I can't ask List to quit.


Why don't you sit down and relax?

I'll give you this.

Can you give me a little bit more?

I shan't forget that feast as long as I live.

I don't want to argue about this.

I'm trying to find her.

Of the floor, sticky from the party, one said, "Flock it."

The Denver Broncos have won the 50th Super Bowl.

I wanted to improve my Japanese pronunciation.

You should've called Hazel.

I said that as a joke.

Make sure you do as you're told.

I'd like to go out with her.


The law is the same for everyone.

He has to take two science classes.

Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful daughter.


I didn't have enough time.

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The doctor advised him to ease up on alcohol.

Who likes Marsha?

They export a lot of fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons.


She made cookies for the children.


My home, what could be better?

It's a huge task.

Give me that book back!

Cynthia loves architecture more than anything else in the world.

I should know by now that I shouldn't trust Kusum.


I have had a tough year.

Please return the book when you have finished reading it.

Why did you want to talk to me?

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Is this a gift for me?


The wintry weather lasted long into April the year before last.

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A growing child who doesn't seem to have much energy perhaps needs medical attention.

The company incurred a deficit of $400 million during the first quarter.

You can tell him.


You had better have your eyes examined.

What a strange guy!

I consider our friendship to be worth more than any other.

They'll dance.

Please don't interfere.

The animals in the forest died off.

That's not my wife.

Everyone uses Google.

Did you really love me?

Experience the sickening knotting of the stomach.

Martyn pushed his hand away.


I've always enjoyed playing tennis with Wendi.

They said Mr. Wilson's condition had not changed.

You must not cast a spell upon someone inside the school.

Harold asked for food.

Once upon time I used to love you,And no matter what,you will always be a part of my life.

Don't talk to us like that.

Let me go talk to her.


He sought for his name.

Don't keep the bicycle in the barn.

Tell him to hurry back.

Rockefeller was governor of New York.

Beth is in the hospital right now.

When does college start?

To support Cantonian people in their noble struggle against Han Chinese racists is what all the honest people should do.

We have no clue where he is.

"Yes, I will," said the little princess in a trembling voice, as she thought of the prince.

We have to deal with the situation.

This is a sentence.

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Malus kissed my hand.

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I'm beginning to miss my girlfriend.

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What cultural differences did the author find in working with Dutch and American students?

Aren't you thirsty?

I can speak your language.


I really believed it would work.


You will be able to speak English.

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If you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.

Not that much!

The roof was torn off due to the strong winds.

"Let's play tennis." "Yes let's."

The contract will expire soon.

It's raining pretty hard.

I think it strange that she didn't say anything.

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This is all for you.

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How many kebabs will you have?

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She'll lend you a book.

I am saving up so that I can go to Australia.

Could you tell Kory that I'll be a few minutes late?

He thinks that I am in love with her.

Allen seems to be the only one who wants to do that.


You can see the stars using a telescope.

What is the emergency telephone number?

I feel like I'm just getting comfortable with my homemaking chores.

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Lock the window before going to bed.

I hope you found something in the end.

I met you; that is enough.

I wore a coat so I wouldn't catch a cold.

Luckily, the weather turned out fine.


I'd like to reconfirm my flight.


Sonja pleaded no contest to a charge of drunken driving.

He was scornful of the danger.

Could I talk to you, Tomas?

They laugh at him behind his back.

Is that so wrong?


They don't listen.