Can we interview him?

She's all I have.

I want to work there.

Brender was up half the night studying.

We'll have a great time tomorrow.

Dr. George's secretary is Japanese.


The chariest maid is prodigal enough if she unmask her beauty to the moon.

Don't judge a man by his appearance.

Everybody liked us.

He has powerful arms.

Jacob was wearing a black T-shirt and designer jeans.

The road is dusty. It cannot have rained yesterday.

Car manufacturing is carried out by computer-programmed robots in place of human workers.

This should be obvious, but apparently it's not.

When will she come home?

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Herb was arrested yesterday.


Summer vacation is soon.

I cannot make my bed. I don't have time for that!

His words had a great effect on my life.

I just know that I don't want to be married to you.

I don't have time to help you right now.

The three rules of competitive mathematics: check, check, and recheck.

It's also a popular destination for couples.

Few people dare to say the truth.

Emily gave me a free hug.

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I'm not a fan of conservatism.

I'm a homicide detective.

This experience will be invaluable as a way of improving the way I study English.

There's a bank across from the hotel.

My uncle's blog posts about his travels in Thailand have piqued my interest in Asian culture.

She suffers from anorexia.

I have a delivery for you.

It was a bet.

You won't get away with it.

Shuvra read the French translation and thought it sounded OK.

Listen to this.

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My father practices medicine.


I'll take the risk.

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Your plan's no good. - Ha, so now it's "my" plan!

I would've said something.

The sons are loved by the parents.


He is accountable to me.

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Mah seemed surprised at the news.


What do you plan on doing with the money?

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The telephone is one wonderful device.

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I told Dennis a few jokes.


Leith always complains about the way I do things.

It's impossible to tell what she really believes.

This is the outcome of our research.


Patricio told me you might be calling.


This looks a little like French, but it isn't.

We know everything.

I'll watch television.

Would you mind waiting outside?

Frances won't ask you to go out with him.

That seems like a lot.

That guy looks exactly like Tim.

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His car got no more than fourteen miles.

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They want us to cooperate.


Holly wasn't aware that Drew couldn't understand French.

Nicolette won't let you in his house.

They had no choice but to leave.

I think Merton's interested in me.

I was expecting something to happen.

I said I'd stay for a couple days.

Unfortunately, I have to start going.


The ice on the lake is too thin to bear your weight.

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We can't leave Sherri.

She cries continously.

The communists called each other "comrades".

One hears with one's ears.

The children were much amused.


I did what needed to be done.

I really can't figure it out.

I have cabin fever.

What was the weather like when you went out this morning?

The zipper on my jacket got stuck.

He is dishonored.

I just need a hug.


How soon will you be able to finish the task?


I have a long drive ahead of me.

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Their flight was discovered yesterday.


You're not actually threatening me, are you?

That'll keep Rudolph in line.

They came from far away.

She was the last person I had expected to see there.

I guess this has happened a few times.

Clyde got very angry at his sister and tore up her favorite doll.

I can't bear to see good food going to waste.

Sonny is always forgetting his own phone number.

Kelvin cheated on Naren.


I thought you said nobody knew about us.


You don't need to worry about me.

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Carisa is just a boy.

She could eat while at the same time continue playing videogame.

Exporters are in dire straights.

Come what may, I am determined to accomplish it.

Have you heard of the rage of the Son of Heaven?

I've always wanted to play an instrument.

Wolfgang's doctor told him that he should quit smoking.

Don't tell her I told you that.

That's something I never do after lunch.

I used to be young and ambitious, just like you.

Christophe has a medical bracelet.

Edwin was obviously discouraged.

I don't recognize the language they're speaking.

There's only one place Naren could've gone.

I usually agree with Bobbie.

What's your favorite skin care product?

Don't worry about it, I'll go myself.

Johann wouldn't let anybody help him.

They are on strike for money.

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She was caught trying to burn the office down.

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It's important to take cultural relativism into account before judging another culture.

We may never know what happened to flight MH370.

You should memorize as many English words as possible.

There are various kinds of coffee.

Larry began to feel sleepy.

You're already there, right?

This must be done.


The movie website announced a 20% discount on all downloads.


It's always a great relief, as religion says, to think about someone unhappier than ourselves.

You have to call them.

Mechael told me that the trip was off.


Nadeem is fond of Celtic music.

They found it.

Justice will prevail.

I'm bothered by the noise from the neighbours.

My son doesn't obey me.

It was her turn at last.

When happiness comes knocking at your door.


I've seen you with Miltos.

The music Jeanne writes is pretty good.

I only hope you're right.

This museum has a magnificent collection of modern art.

She cancelled an appointment.

He entered the bank disguised as a guard.

When do you go on holiday?


They ate supper.

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You shouldn't hang out with people like that.

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Is that scientifically proven?


He is on the heavy side.


This is inexcusable.

I need you to help me.

I need to get over Carisa.

I tried to find Sundar.

Murray called Anatole and asked her to come over.

Eva is fine now.

Show me another bag.


Surya would love this.

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For the record, Ramanan didn't have anything to do with this.

Leon poured himself some whiskey.

The pigeon flew swiftly down to the earth. He was much larger than a turkey.


Do you really want to go to Boston with me?

Reinhard was in too much pain to speak.

Granville just sent me an email.

That didn't help us.

Mail service in that country is not quick.