We don't have more time.

A big animal broke out of the zoo.

I hope to live in a mansion someday.


Rafael took off after Avery.

Would they have a size smaller?

We insist that a meeting be held as soon as possible.

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"Did you mean this one?" "No, I meant that one!"

It'll cost at least a hundred pesos.

For a while she did nothing but stare at me.

Murat bought several cameras last year.

Ken met her on his way home.


Pim, answer me!

She was kind enough to help me.

I'll take my chances with you.

I can't get Val out of my mind.

We need to ask you a few questions.

I don't know what Ozan's house looks like.

An insurance claim is a demand made by the insured for payment of the benefits as provided by the policy.

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I didn't open any of the boxes.

What is that building with the green roof?

What's your favorite lipstick color?

Donne wrote about his experience.

Do people ever accuse you of being selfish?

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Stuart resigned this week.

Many survivors were rescued from the collapsed building.

This story broke my heart.

We will study the underlying molecular occurrences of fertilization.

You're not very good.

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I'm having a heart attack.

Murat is up next.

Men and women must respect each other.


One cannot read a good book without being so much the better for it.

I want beef, too.

He set out on his historic voyage.


The newspaper says that he committed suicide.

You're not scaring me, Lester.

We are having ten guests at the dinner party.


What's your favorite slang expression?


We couldn't have children.

Since when has he been living in Ankara?

Those present were all against the plan.


Your see-through dress really excites me.

Rafael says that he needs to talk to you.

They have to answer the question.


I never want to see you again.

Democracy is not exportable like food or cement.

When Vivek came by, Ahmet raised his hat.


I won't be intimidated.

The noise bothers me.

Reinhard's head is spinning.

He gave her what little money he had.

He burned the croutons.

It has been agreed that the meeting will be held on Friday.

I've never flown first class.

A guy I met in my physics class made a didgeridoo out of PVC pipe.

He is experienced in valuing antiques.

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He arrived at the station at five.

They all have come.

"Is there a book in the desk?" "No, there isn't."

The media got wind of a rumor about his engagement and came quickly.

He conducts his business very well.


A closed fist can indicate stress.

Hemlines are going down.

Jaime called for help.

Your beauty turns me pale.

I was talking to them.


I have to know for sure.

I am really sorry.

My cat is so adorable.

My father misses my mother and me.

Skirts last year reached just below the knees.


Supper's getting cold.

Women chase crazy men; they flee from the wise ones as if they were poisonous beasts.

Do you have any?

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You should've stayed out of this.

I am in Russia.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "No, I don't mind at all."


You are my happiness.


The baby grows.

The news left me uneasy.

I walked 10 kilometers today.

Most people think that it's OK to eat meat.

I need to know exactly what happened.

They'll be fine.

You need to pay in advance.


I am going to send my son to college.

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I think she was planning to go visit her mother who is in the hospital.

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We've got to get Edith back home.

That would take time.

You're just a girl.

Jwahar looked like he was prepared.

I teach Dalton's children French three days a week.

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I hate my computer.

When honey is there, stingers are near.

That fellow is a cool hand.


That's not okay.

He has gone to Osaka on urgent business.

He walked to and fro on the stage.

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Greece has made it illegal to take money out of the country.

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I know it, but I can't hit on it.

Are there any hidden fees?

How're you all doing this morning?

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Noam says it's important.

Is this yours, Jesper?

There is a vast difference between being able to make oneself understood in English and mastering the English language perfectly.

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He is alleged to have been a thief.

The rule doesn't hold well in our case.

You (pl) are very full of energy.

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She twisted a strand of hair around her finger.


You cannot forget that he is as young as you.

Bjorne is obsessed with fashion.

We work for the money.


Would it be OK if I discussed it with my wife?


Jacobson will say yes.

I'll take it as a challenge.

Walking is nice.


Today's a bit hotter than usual, don't you think?

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I made pancakes for breakfast.

I feel so happy when I'm with you.

I have a problem with my car.

Donne is probably helping Charley right now.

Remember what I told you yesterday.


Can anyone fix a flat tire?

Sergio said he couldn't swim as well as Brett.

I always read detective stories from cover to cover; they're so exciting!

Dory waited patiently for three hours, then left.

Don't hesitate.

I wasn't really certain of that.

She went to Chicago by bus.


I think Moran is awesome.

In 1989, the extremely famous Eiffel Tower celebrated its one hundred years of existence.

She felt her heart beat quickly.

The old Italian oil painting was never exhibited in public.

I'm heavier than you are.

There are no good arguments for bad persons.

It tastes great, too.

Lukas says that he's allergic to school.

He has always been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.


A dog is barking now.

I want to think that parents are more important than their children.

I don't want you to do anything.

I like jazz.

Luke said he'd think about my suggestion.

Could you lend me your bike?

He is clever, no doubt, but he is cold, too.


Desertion from the army was punishable by death.


Do you want some?


Belinda doesn't have to come here tomorrow.

Meehan and Giles don't know each other.

He finished school in March.

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What should I do to arouse desire in the man I'm interested in?

Himawan now uses Windows 8.1.

It's hard to get a taxi outside the station.

I'd appreciate it if you could get here a little early.

The Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Europe.

Hope of finding the child alive is fading rapidly.

What's your reason for being here today?