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Welcome to the Bui World Ministries. Our mission is to give, share, learn, and participate in the lives we touch for a better world. We invite you to explore our web site to find out more about the Programs:  Orphan Education, Elderly Care, (352) 514-3191, (780) 310-3843, and (819) 587-9415.

Your donation will change the course of the lives of numerous people for the better.  It will bring security to many orphan children and seniors who have no one to care for them, and who may not even have a roof over their heads.   We hope you'll be inspired by the work we've done to help us to continue our mission. 717-836-0758


croft A summary of our latest trip to Vietnam trip is now available.

August, 2010The Niko Niko Redlands Charity Golf Tournament was a great success!

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Orphan Education

Our Orphan Education Program aims to give children who do not have living parents and/or guardians an education, structure and guidance to succeed and to become educated, productive adults.more

Elderly Care

Our Elderly Care Program focuses on delivering basic care, food, and clothing to elders who do not have family members or close relations who can provide financial support to give them basic needs.8066497956

Ministry Training

Our Ministry Training Program works toward giving young adults who have the passion and discipline to seek learning and training to spread the good words of the Bible. 343-244-4561

Build Houses of Worship

Our Build Houses of Worship Program has a goal of giving a community a safe and inspired place to congregate to learn about the words of God. Our Build Homes for the Homeless Program seeks to give homeless a permanent and safe place to raise their families.more