Did Tareq ever answer you?

That's not good for business.

If you don't like the service, don't leave a tip.

I think Henry is motivated.

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Fortunately, the weather was good.

There are more important things in life.

I felt like crying when I heard the news.

Arnold made it as far as Boston.

I'm looking for books on Roman history.

Have him call me.

Did you get robbed?

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I was asked a question I couldn't answer.

Joachim had an ultrasound to find out the sex of her and Neville's unborn baby.

We went due north.

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I don't want anything more.

This camera is very expensive.

Everybody rushed towards me.

Get him away from me.

A pair of earrings is a nice present for her.

There's nothing else in the drawer.

He immediately called the White House.

Languages are not carved in stone. Languages live through all of us.

What do you like better, music or English?


Those shadows appeared in a way like giant dinosaurs, with a long neck and a very big jaw without teeth.

I think it natural for him to get angry.

Reinhard is persuaded he's right.


Any chance of us getting approved?


Ram gave Bjorne a weird look.

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I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life!

We don't know it.

Were you drinking?

Can you meet me in the lab?

There was enough food for forty days.

He had the table to himself.

Call the police in an emergency.

Our trip to Africa turned out to be a disaster.

I didn't understand half of what she was saying.


This car was ours. Now it is theirs.

The speaker hinted at corruption in the political world.

Tait and Lonhyn just don't hit it off.

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Claudia stayed in Boston for two years.

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I think it's too risky.

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We've been trying to reach you.

Cut the melon into six equal pieces.

Are you a reporter?

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I need to see you in my office.

Edgar tuned his guitar.

Of course Darwin, like many of his contemporaries, wished to be seen as following the Newtonian method.

She was wearing a short skirt and high heels.

You'd love her.


Do you remember what happened to you?

I plan to live to be a hundred.

Does Winnie think he'll be able to attend the meeting?


Let's mop the floor.

Do you want me to throw that away?

Go ahead and sing.

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I heated one.

She should have arrived home by now.

I'm very tired today.

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What is happening at the present time in the dispute over place-name signs in Carinthia is grotesque.

The body was found under the overpass.

I don't like people looking at me.

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Did Hans knit gloves for you both?


Pierette hasn't translated the article yet.

The sky is overcast.

All men must die.


Sometimes my boyfriend flirts with other women.

We got to get you a real man.

Robert put his mug of beer on the counter.

That sure made me look stupid.

Why don't you try getting to bed earlier tonight?


Mark asked me what I was going to do.

You are as guilty as I am, because you knew this was going to happen.

Give me a minute.

Christophe told me the story of his life.

This is something she probably shouldn't have asked.

Mann and Frederick said they were tired.

I knew we should've done that.

Was it so large as that?

Are you finished reading the paper?


It's three hundred miles to London, give or take ten.

Fish can't live out of water.

He is very brave.

I need to understand.

Leung motioned for Triantaphyllos to sit.

This was my fault.

I live near the Towngas drums.

Tuan couldn't have done this alone.

I'm not lying.

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You may spend or save at will.

You aren't yourself.

If Katsumi doesn't get his own way, he gets angry right away.

We were both tired.

Go have a beer.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

She dreamed a happy dream last night.

What is it that determines the route a railway takes?

No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.

Jeremy said he wasn't tired.

Sofia knows best.


Trent turned around to face Pravin.

Harv didn't see anyone else at the station.

I have the mother of all colds.

Wilson doesn't really believe that nonsense, does he?

It seems pretty easy.

You live in constant fear.

Hartmann was undoubtedly the most intelligent student in the entire school, but whenever the teacher asked him a question for which he was not prepared, he was filled with such nervousness that he would become confused, and something utterly incomprehensible would issue from his mouth as soon as he opened it.

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He went overboard for his daughter's wedding.

We managed to get some foreign stamps.

This is an absolute lie.

I can feel not only people's souls, but also the faint spirit held by buildings, walls and such.

I needed to see them again.

In life everything is relative. A hair on the head isn't much; in the soup it's a lot.

I can't remember the melody of that song.

I'm quite well.

What could you teach me?

It's nice of him to bring such gifts.

Even spending just ten minutes a day on this website will be beneficial.

Owen wants to see what's in the drawer.

They look rather fake.

Just stay quiet.

Johnnie agreed to help Angus clean the kitchen.

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It's no fun to lose.


He bought an English book at a bookstore.


I saw Merton a few minutes ago and he looked tired.

I can't get along with that man any more.

She started kissing him as soon as he got home.

Trey fell off his horse.

Don ran to the door and tried to get out.

Did you show your record of service?

Can you speak French at all?

Jelske and Karl think I don't know what happened.

Let's get some food.

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Are you spending Valentine's Day with Amy?

The Revolution is not an apple that falls from the tree when it is ripe; you have to make it fall.

The room got hot as soon as I turned on the steam.

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This school has many students.


You're a weird one, but I like you.

How I would love a pizza with real mozzarella cheese right now.

I figured you might change your mind.

The fugitive made a run for the border.

What's wrong with the food?

Concerning this, I'm the one to blame.

I love Kabyle cooking.


You should clean your glasses.


It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

What exactly did you do?

Who were you texting?

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As it is, I can do nothing.

The earthquake provoked a great disaster, one unlike anything that the country had experienced before.

She hid herself for fear of meeting the man.

We have a little time before my concert.

Syed already knows you want to quit your job.

Presley is deceitful.

Come on in. The water's great.

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Kamel will make it on time.


He'll be home a bit before five.

I don't mind standing.

This is an interesting story.

I always travel with travelers' checks instead of cash.

Don't cuss!

I'm just a creature of habit, I guess.

Have you actually learned anything?


Mario is adventurous.