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Do you want to go somewhere else?

I can no longer stand this noise.

For a language to be universal, it is not enough to call it that.

She slept off her hangover.

Dorothy and Maria sweat, seated in a sauna.

Korolev eventually fell out of favor with the Stalin regime and was thrown in prison.

It's different here.

Do not threaten me.

Carolyn told Max this would happen.

We were unable to finish our homework in time.

God save the Queen!


The teacher exhorted his pupils to do well.

They won't do it.

The park is sunny.


Patience has its rewards.

Many economists are ignorant of that fact.

Nici took too many liberties when he was here.

Which do you like better, sushi or tempura?

Dan shaved his head and joined a far-right group.

I thought you loved her.

Is there something you want to ask me for?

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You should be thanking me.

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The storm water drains couldn't cope with the amount of water dumped during the storm, and a number of homes were flooded.

Tell me that didn't just happen.

How could I have fallen in love with him so quickly?

The doctor works in a hospital.

I haven't seen you around here before.

Does Huashi feel the same way about that as you do?

He was kindness itself.

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You know how to make yourself irresistible.

I think this translation isn't correct.

Kieran kicked Leigh under the table.

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I'm only bringing personal items.


I go ice skating every chance I get.

I speak some English, but unfortunately I don't understand much.

Pick your favorite bat.


Andrew told Valerie this would happen.


Weather's been strange the past few years.

There is a page missing.

If only he comes early, we will go out with him.


Every type of socialization requires a lie.


Someone will be with you in a moment.


How could I hate her?

That must be fun.

It's me, open the door.


How many lakes are there in Finland?


It's not safe to drive without wearing a seatbelt.

The old man stood on the hill.

Are you a coffee drinker?

Alan isn't sure what to do next.

George Bush went on a vacation with his wife.

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I have a good idea in my mind.

Walt plugged in the coffee maker.

They're older than her.


A pot belly is an occupational hazard for office workers.

I'll make you proud of me.

As soon as I get to Hokkaido, I'll drop you a line.

Rainer and Marion used to work together.

She succeeded as a singer and became famous.

He pulled my shirt.

Will you please explain to me the exact meaning of the word?

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He's a bit naive.

Laugh before breakfast, you'll cry before supper.

I don't know why Stefan's doing that.

I didn't really want to win.

The party returned safe and sound.


Love to party!


I wanted to swim in this river.

Which floor do you live on?

You're wrong, Perry.

Maybe we can buy him a new one.

Louiqa has willingly done everything we've asked him to do.


Does that surprise you?

Why would you want me?

It was nice just to imagine you from afar.

Huey did what he could to help.

I want what's best for him.

What if we don't find them?

My mother blacked out on seeing the scene of the accident.


I'm glad we did what we did.


I tried to convince Emma.

I gladly accepted his proposal.

Everything we write is autobiographical.


My sister bought me a red ribbon.

Many people underestimate the importance of food for health and well-being.

She loved him all the better for his faults.

At last, we've got a little peace and quiet in the house.

Saul was preparing breakfast.

No one can bake apple cake better than Emily can.

They are seeing the sights of Kyoto.

Look out for them.

This question in English is anything but easy.

Some people are rather proud of being ignorant of such an important matter.

When did Mr. Suzuki leave Japan?

Marlena and Piet wanted to be together.

Are you suggesting that Boyd isn't dead?

Walk ahead of me.

Andrea showed us a few pictures.

And then she remembered that human beings could not live in the water.

Vesak is a Buddhist holiday which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.

I'll get my mother to bake us a cake.

I finished last.


I want you to be able to protect yourself.

Tell me what you want.

I could not even make a guess at the working of her mind.

I wish that Kathryn would leave.

We're in the house.


Kaoru, yours is the best reaction so far - you win the grand prize.


The speed of the spread of AIDS is horrifyingly fast.

I know I owe you money.

He gave me his opinion, but I didn't give him mine.

A sane man wouldn't do that.

Snails have been eating our lettuces.

I've got nothing to do with it.

Edward looked Kathy in the eye and asked her if she really meant what she said.


It doesn't matter very much which college you graduated from.

The Murais have been married for ten years.

I want you to bring them.

Loud music bothers me.

Doesn't that make sense?


Come home soon.

I want to be a contender.

We were able to catch the last train.

He is fond of swimming.

You have made only a few spelling mistakes.


Millions of people were unemployed then.


She advised him on that matter.

It's one of the reasons.

The place just doesn't look as good as it used to.

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Magda is going to marry a Spaniard.


She could have kissed me goodbye but didn't and just walked away.


I closed the door quietly so I wouldn't wake the baby up.

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I wasn't a very good kid.


This tastes good.

Have any of you seen Serdar today?

Jane kept scribbling.

Do you have any other secrets I should know about?

That's not at all funny.


I do not remember seeing the letter, but perhaps I read it.


He thought he was smart, but he didn't realize that he fell in my trap.

Calvin isn't able to always brush his teeth after meals.

It isn't worth the risk.

I will drive you to Brindisi.

Then she drew her golden comb gently through Elsa's hair, and bade her go to bed.

The bullet train we were on pulled out at 12 sharp.

We always treated you well.


They killed three more hostages.


They burned all the documents.

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The end of the world is coming.

Junk bond dealers left the market riding on a pillow of air.

I congratulate you on your success.

His eyes were blazing with anger.

Don't let him go out.


I know what you did to Dewey.


He is well acquainted with ancient history.

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I don't like what he said.