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Invest in Crypto: Grow your investment from anywhere in the world

Invest, Grow your investment, and access a whole new world of opportunities.


Crypto Investments has an impeccable success rate achieved by a team of pro traders working round the clock; so profit is always guaranteed. We are not making bogus claims that we will turn you into a millionaire overnight, No! but what we can do is build your account meticulously till your account attains the height which you aim at.

Crypto Investments is a leading company with expertise in Blockchain technology, crypto-currency trading and implementing of innovations in financial technologies. We engage in asset management and work with crypto experts all around the world. Our highly qualified experts of the fund every day monitor markets to accumulate in our operations all the most advanced innovations in order to ensure our clients with complete security and confidentiality.

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Why do we need crypto-currencies: advice for novice investors

Despite the fact that in the last year the world is talking about crypto-currencies, and the cost of bitcoins in information tapes has taken on an equally important place as the price of oil and other resources, many investors are still afraid to deal with them. Experts of...

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Who we are


Crypto Investments is a leading Asian Cryptocurrency Trading broker providing traders access to the global Cryptocurrency Trading market through the powerful CryptoInvestments CPX. Since the company’s inception in 2017, Crypto Investments has been recognised worldwide as a safe and secure Cryptocurrency Trading broker, offering highly transparent access to Cryptocurrency Trading markets.

Throughout the company’s journey, Crypto Investments has become one of the highest ranked, award winning Cryptocurrency Trading Brokers and won a number of Cryptocurrency Trading Industry Awards from respected financial rating institutions for our unparalleled security and Cryptocurrency Trading transparency.

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What we do

Capital management

Innovations in financial technologies allow us to perform capital management along with preservation of confidentiality.


Implementation of innovations

Our experience and many years of expertise allow us to define and successfully implement the most perspective developments.


Blockchain and crypto currencies

We work with all main crypto currencies and have a good sense of direction on this relatively new market.


Companies` ICO

We consult for companies which are preparing for Initial Coin Offering, offering guidance and support during the process.