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I'm an avid reader of biographies.

The campaign seems to be going like a bomb.

What are the options?

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I'd like to live in Europe.

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Santa didn't reply to Jem's letter.

She proposed that a doctor should be called in immediately.

His essay gave only a superficial analysis of the problem, so it was a real surprise to him when he got the highest grade in the class.

Huh? A mouse sits on my mouse.

You should write HANDLE WITH CARE on the parcel that contains the teacups.

He is junior to me by two years.

Bornean orangutans, a critically endangered species, give birth approximately at every eight years.

What size shoe does he wear?

What if someone sees us?

Bob will be home at six.

Have you told her what to do?

My parents' generation went through the war.

In 1492 Antonio de Nebrija said that language is the handmaiden of empire.

The man standing over there next to the bookcase has a photographic memory.

Christina already knew that, didn't he?

Antonella has a good reason for not telling Connie what she wants to know.

We weren't making fun of you.

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We're contributing.


I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll become a teacher.

Anybody can read it.

I hate the guy next door.

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What's my prescription?

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Don't answer that phone.

I won't forgive Gregor.


It's big, isn't it?

I don't think anyone really knows the real me.

Herb ducked for cover.

Daryl took cover.

Be sure to bring rain gear.

This has my approval.

I prefer apples to oranges.

I think my leg is broken.

Have you ever been in Italy?

He attempted to escape.

We have to report to the immigration office.


I crashed Elisabeth's party.

I got a farewell present from everyone.

I'm keeping the baby.

He promised to come, but hasn't turned up yet.

We were all shocked.

Now try to sleep.

When it lightly rains like that, I wish to go for a walk in a park.

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The film started at 2 o'clock.

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We'll go visit them.

It'll be useless to stand against them.

The rock concert was called off because the singer fell ill.

I know that you are up to some trick.

The job is up for grabs, now.

I'm looking for my cellphone.

Hassan went to school.


You can't arrest me for being a clown.


Piete was airlifted to the hospital.

We've already done everything we can do.

Saify turned up the volume.

Courtney is only three months older than Warren.

We just want a second opinion.

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I bought this book in Boston last month.


I'll see you again.

Nora didn't even offer Rajarshi a cup of coffee.

Look! There's a cockroach besides the fridge! Do something quick!

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I want you to call them now.

You aren't late.

I live nearby.

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I wish I could do it, but I can't.

His name is further down the list.

The dogs died inside the hot vehicle.

The weather won't be fine.

My Mercedes is bigger than yours.

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Work and play are necessary to health.

I didn't buy that.

Perry broke my nose.

You must help me save her.

He has visited Europe several times.


I love you, baby.

Herve's pitching is pretty good.

Why is the police here?

Shean remained in Boston for a few days.

Call Mann immediately.

That's pretty cool.

My answer is still yes.

I know that you hate your job.

Let's try something different.


The application deadline is October 20th.

They are of kin to each other.

We came here to enjoy ourselves.

The Americans want a president they are comfortable with.

As I rowed out into the river, the clearness of the water astounded me.

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Nobody was listening to the speech.


Is there any good way to memorise our lines quickly?

What kind of flowers do you like?

I wonder if it's worth it.

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Do get up, it's very late.

Making money is his reason for living.

They went to Paris by way of Calais.


We've already done a lot for Myron.


It's really exciting.

He scratched his balls.

I like swimming and playing basketball.


Brian looked after my dog.

Did Sergei mention why the police were looking for him?

Her face was bright red with anger.


We have three minutes.


I don't smoke anymore.

My wife is always finding fault with me.

I'm glad to hear that your sister is out of danger after her operation.

Bud may know where Merat is.

Every human envies the human admired by every Vulcan.

Colin is all by himself.

The door was partially open.

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Celia has no need to worry.


You didn't hear that from me.

Oleg refused to sign his name.

Any day will do except Monday.

Skef is probably more interested in Chip than in you.

Dean had nothing to do with what happened here.

Put the bag down.

Who is the plaintiff in this trial?

Hopefully, that won't happen.

He knows exactly what he wants.

Dan had numerous girlfriends.

That girl has very delicate features.

You're not helping, Pascal.

Special forces training is already a torture.

We were just talking.

I went to the supermarket.

You want me to help you, don't you?

This didn't have to happen.


I belong to the music club.


When was the last time you dreamed about Terry?

Your shift ends at 2:30.

Don't force the child to eat.


It was apparent that he did not understand what I had said.

I asked Anatoly to stay at home.

Is Kit looking for me?

Finland's competitiveness requires more people who can speak French and German than Swedish.

I'd like a city map.


Your timing couldn't be better.

I'll come back some other time.

I think only time will tell.

This fruit doesn't taste good.

I've got to go to church tomorrow.

The man was banging a blow-up doll.

Can you do that in a day?

She was in the Americas last month.

Heidi would never agree to such a thing.

Did you know Edwin had a twin brother?

I've been married twice.

Don't you think I know that?

She is fit for the job.

I'll help you as long as I live.

Ram hadn't eaten anything the whole day and was hungry.


"What kind of music do you want to hear?" "Put on something romantic."


I'm bored, too.

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There isn't time to explain.

Whenever I put my Wellington boots on, I like splashing into puddles.

Honzo gave me one crore rupees.

All you have to do is talk.

What is the opinion of a cultured, secular and sincere man?