I could not attend the ceremony.

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This is basic knowledge.

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He is Tony.

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We were surprised at the big lion.

He prefers frankfurters to sausages from Strasbourg.

He came all the way from Nikko to see me off.


I used a screwdriver to turn the screw, but it just didn't want to turn.

I must make sure of the fact before I blame her.

Do you go shopping every day?

When she came in, we were finishing the main dish.

He's working in the car.

It's important for every musician to ensure there is variety in their repertoire.

At that time I really understood that gorillas have feelings.

The greater part of the money was spent.

The pieces of broken glass glittered in the sun.

Are you in a band?

She pointed out my mistake.

"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"

A bus driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

They voted against it.

I have a great fear of being disdained by those I love and care about.

He is such a tall man that he can touch the ceiling.

She arrived home two and a half days later.

Who will teach our children?

I didn't want to see Sjaak get hurt.

I'll handle them.

It is hard to convince Jack.

It was obvious that he was lying.


I really hate him.


I owe you a lot.

Mario works with religious devotion.

Arthur showed me how to make spaghetti.

As far as I'm concerned the topic is worth discussing.

He is famous as a pianist.

Prices are coming down.

I'm through with you.


You did what had to be done.


Isidore kindly answered the question.


I'd like to say a word or two about that.


Ethan still doesn't know I'm here.


Which bug hurt you?

I wonder where Joe went?

The sofa is comfortable.

We visited the historic sites of the country.

Reading is my passion.

He walked in front of his men.

Can you tell us where Sergiu is?

Could you lend me a helping hand?

Dan had to take off again to repeat the landing.

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A luxury liner arrived in the harbor.

There's nothing I like as much as the smell of roses.

I accidentally threw an expensive knife into the trash.

Those did something incredibly stupid.

You've got to try it.

I was perfectly happy being all alone.

We want to be the best.

If you're so dissatisfied with what I'm doing, you'd be better off doing it yourself.

Just one slip and you'll be mistaken for a troll and flamed.

I read a book while eating.

I thought we were finished with that.

I can look into this for you.

I always knew this could happen.

Don't cross your bridges before you come to them.

Land and water make up the earth's surface.

Am I a liar?

I wish to resign from my work for purely personal reasons.

They don't know me there.

I lived there for five years.


Let me take a look at your tires.


The police have been after him for a long time.

Infinity can't really be understood by the human mind.

Radek gave a good performance.

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But I don't know how to cook kebabs!

I hoped to have met him at the party.

It was not very cold, but it was always wet.

Tell me how Michael and Nate met.

Shadow is big-headed.


The telephone was invented in 1876 by Bell.

Once there lived an old king in England.

Sidney doesn't like men who are stingy like Edwin.

That's the help we need.

Anything new today?

What Spass thinks doesn't matter now.

He cooked up a good excuse for not going to the party.

I spoke to the principal himself.

If we would rest a little we would feel surely very much refreshed.

Ahmed has had special training in this field.

I will get in touch with him as soon as possible.

Cole said you didn't like sports.

Roxanne always wears too much perfume.

They don't exist any longer.

A mysterious legend has been handed down about this lake.

It's rude to speak with your mouth full.

School was cancelled because of the snow.

I won't let you leave.

His old company gave him the shaft. But I admire the way he turned bad luck into good and did even better with his own business.

My feet started sticking in the muddy street. I nearly fell down.

Where is an ATM?


If you didn't take it, who did?

Hey, I just had a good idea.

A cold wave passed over Japan.

Cristopher's boss is Canadian.

I think there's only a slim chance of that happening.

I would love to meet an Esperantist and spend the whole day saying, "What is this?".

I'm sure Dan never did that.


Oh, off with you.

Maria accompanies the children to school.

You cannot read this novel without crying.

I've already told everyone that I'm moving to Boston.

You'll pay for that.

Dave was talking on the phone when Natraj walked into the room.

I think Francis did really well.

Sanford is dating two different guys at the same time.

My car is a gas-guzzler.

Please speak in a louder voice.

Whose is this car?

Walter announced his decision Monday.

Victor still blames you for Devon's death.

I told Perry that was ridiculous.

He thinks it impossible for me to climb the mountain alone.

How's your wife?

I want him.

That's exactly what I mean.

Science has brought about many changes in our lives.

I don't know if I should believe Gregg or not.

The student raised her hand.


Eddy could see Cris was getting cold.


I just got out of a relationship.

You can't go wrong if you are advised by me.

Starting next month, Brazil will implement the law of reciprocity with Spain.


Out of the mouths of babes.

If I had known it, I would have gone there.

I know who Shyam is.


There isn't much to say.

Kristi made me his assistant.

What can I say? I'm a bad mammer jammer.

Griff wondered why he had never seen Ricardo here before.

It may happen again.

In the near future, he will get his just deserts.

Alison is feeling the pressure.

I'm glad we already have so much in common.

I'm studying with her.

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

It's unbelievably beautiful!

We have plenty of food.

The poet is the one who inspires much more than the one who is inspired.

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I'm sure Surya will be very busy.


I'm satisfied.

Everything's hunky-dory.

Kenn said that he and Hector can't come to our party.

Who's your favorite TV chef?

They work in near total darkness.

I think it a pity that he told a lie.

Denis's fears weren't exactly unfounded.

Has anybody talked to her?

He got well acquainted with the history of Japan.


Don't get mixed up with those people.


Jussi is a good French speaker.

Nothing would tempt me to deceive him.

We'll start as soon as it stops raining.

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Tricia does everything Joubert tells him to.

We'll have troubles for sure.

Year followed year...

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"How can I lose?" answered Satan. "All the umpires are down here in Hell."

His lecture has brought this fact to our notice.

Jon says he regrets doing that.

I really missed you guys.

Boyce told me to drive to Boston.


Did you pass your exams?