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Agile CSS Framework

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All CSS frameworks are either great for portals but heavy and requiring too many resources, or light but nothing more than a grid system. Agile CSS is invented to provide all required elements with one small CSS file. Built to load fast for SEO purposes.

Kim Majali, Agile CSS Creator.


Everything you need without JS

It's built for SEO purposes so it's the lightest and most powerful

Fast Loading

A small CSS file makes wonders

Just 7kb (minified + gzipped), other frameworks require 100's

Extendable with Variables

Easy to set your colors and fonts

Set your brand colors & fonts, sizes, style with variables and ready classes

Responsive & Mobile first

Much more than just a grid

Responsive images, videos, galleries, tables, menus, maps, frames, embeds

100's of Free UI Elements

All needed elements are ready

Typography, buttons, cards, icons, tabs, carousel, masonry, Flex gallery ...

Free & Open Source

Built with love to be used

Free framework, UI elements, & themes. Download, use, enjoy & share

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