What is the purpose of this essay?

Do you see the girl's mum?

Who were you looking for?

You spend a lot of time on the phone.

What time does the train get in?

I didn't think you were needed.


Do you hear someone moving around in the next room?


My uncle suffers from osteoporosis.


Tor told Wayne he loved her.

I'm not falling for that again.

Where's my wife?

The wind is strong.

The soup is a bit too salty.

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This one is on me.


Make sure that the lights are turned off before you leave.

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So, Sergei, tell us about yourself.


They're trying.

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Jeanne doesn't owe me anything.

I don't like the apologetic undertone of this article.

I think we're going to be late.

I will buy a car.

Do you think you can handle a few minutes alone with Emil?


Be sincere with me.

What do you want to know?

Are you sure of this?

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They only wanted to ask me a few questions.

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The magazine does nothing for me.

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You'll meet Piete tomorrow.


Dan tried to persuade Linda to steal the money.

I didn't take it.

Everybody seemed on the best of terms with everybody else, and jokes and banter passed from one to another with the most good-natured freedom.

I'm here not because of that.

That guy is such a loser.

You don't just go to the cinema to watch films. Rather, you go to the cinema in order to laugh and cry together with two hundred people.

You'd better leave him to do as he likes.

We must think over the issues carefully.

I really can't refuse.


If it rains tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.

You've never forgiven me, have you?

I wanted to talk to you before you left.

He is staying here with a view to learning Japanese.

There's a white picket fence around Dwight's house.


To pick a fight with her, that's courageous.


I knew we were going to win.

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Maybe what you said is true.


Thad may be hurt.

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Some are called good talkers, and others good listeners.


The man in that car is Winnie Jackson.

Dwayne wants to know the cause of the accident.

I think I've solved the problem.

What time does the shuttle bus leave for the airport?

He was easily influenced.

The girl swimming in the pool is my cousin.

How good of you to come all the way to see me off!

Mehrdad is doing the best he can.

She found what she was looking for.


Why don't you give Sho a chance?

I didn't catch that.

When did you get the concert ticket?

They will fight with great courage to protect the encampment.

What am I supposed to tell him?

I didn't need Geoff's money.

"I am too old to swing on branches," said the boy.

It really was hard.

Diane wouldn't let it go.

Those two used to get along so well together but even with them you can sense a chill coming on.

He is a keen Stephen King fan.

Tokyo is bigger than Yokohama.

This should be completely rewritten.


We neither moved nor made any noise.

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You can't fire us.


The company gave him a gold watch in acknowledgement of his services.

Are you trying to hit on me?

John wanted to be completely independent of his parents.


Gee whiz!

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Rolf said that he had been busy.


I am having a good time.

What else can you remember?

What is the central aim of this plan?

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It'll be hard to convince Sho to do that.

They were after you.

That was totally uncalled for.


Even a good computer cannot beat you at chess.


We all felt sorry for you.

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I think I'm going to make a triple camomile.

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I plan to spend the New Year's holiday in Australia.


What did Joachim and Johnny learn from us?


You have to stop drinking.

I know it'll be difficult.

I have lived in Tokyo since 1985.

Vilhelm's harmless.

George weighs not less than 70 kilograms.

Seymour loved his family very much.

I'm finding it difficult deciding on which one to buy.

It's been ages since we last met.

Page didn't pass the exam, did he?


Does she think she's funny?

I don't want them to forget.

Toft never stopped looking for Darryl.

Pardon the intrusion. My apologies for being late for our meeting.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

I warned him, but he ignored the warning.

At least say you are sorry.

The press are arriving in force.

I'll check with you later.

King Hussein travelled to Cairo.

Don't toy with me.


You're the only one who can help us now.

He received a golden watch as a prize.

Niall wrapped the package and tied it with strings.

Teaching spontaneous thinking is difficult in schools.

We're sorry, Ami, but you can't be part of our group because it would... you know... exceed the 5-people-per-group limit.

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There's no way to know.


Doyle was overjoyed with the result.

There were too many people at the concert last Saturday.

Janice wants to become a famous singer.

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It's too smoky in here for me.

We call him "Skunk Man".

Harv's room is full of toys.

Don't contradict me.

Louise's life's in danger.

They are pretty.

Let's wait. Galen will be back soon.

Fill out this form, please.

Don't stay underwater.


A great deal of energy is locked up in the nucleus.

They don't teach that in schools, but they should.

Joe whistled as he worked.

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We took shelter from the rain under a tree.


She is as wise as fair.

I don't think Grant likes Alan very much.

I feel happy because I am quit of that trouble.

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I haven't heard from anyone.


She is a perfect dream.

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Kris doesn't know for certain when Werner will come.


I rented a videotape this morning.


I am from America, but France is my second home.

Tell her what you just told me.

I'm taking my stuff upstairs.

It speaks.

I'm on holiday.

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I'm following the guidelines.


I want an explanation now.

Mother transplanted the flowers to the garden.

He was rather reluctant, but his brother accepted the offer anyway.

I should be getting home.

So, I should try to do that, right?

They will come before long.

We just need thirty minutes.

Hamlet acts as if he were insane.

I learned French all by myself.