Focus and concentrate on the things that matter to you. You must be focused and persistent in order to achieve good results. If you delay, delay and have false apologies you will not achieve anything. To completely surrender something that matters to you, remove everything that hampers you.

Think of whether you enter a mental or physical burden into your new week that is unnecessary for you? For progress and development, you have to resolve the suspicion, misgivings, despair, or other negative thoughts that hinder you. A feeling of dissatisfaction will arise if you are overwhelmed by unhealthy food and you are not moving enough, so in time you need to eliminate the unnecessary things needed to live. Ask yourself what you avoid doing, and it was important to do it? It’s a good idea to list a list of things you need to do, or what you should do and agree to by priority. It is a good time to set the time for these things to be done and to stick to that deadline. For the simple tasks you have to do, do them immediately on Monday morning. Ask yourself what options you have not used yet, and you wanted to? If there is something you wanted to do but you have not yet garnered courage, time, money, and that is still available to you – get started and get it done! Life goes too fast to miss opportunities. How you would not be sorry and to make dreams easier, make a concrete plan for their realization.

You can often hear it lately, and you may have caught yourself talking about it if you are too small, getting fatigued and waiting to pass the exam, sit down, raise your children to your feet and then dedicate yourself to yourself and start practicing and eating healthy. You always give a deadline – from Monday, from the new year, but that never happens. But in waiting for an ideal moment to engage in physical activity and choosing healthy foods and adopting healthy living habits, our body is without delay experiencing negative processes that affect our immunity and health. People are made to move, and if we do not move, my body is damaged, our health is getting worse because it is not a natural process. Ten years back, people are moving less and less, as they have been actively moving through the whole history of mankind. Physical activity was, and is now, an extremely important biological stimulus, essential to the health of our organism.

There are other important elements that make you healthy, for example, to stay in shape during pregnancy and not to strain your baby by straining. We can say that in nine months pregnancy will literally make your child, from zero. Therefore, it is important once more to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Somewhat a child in the womb is protected. For example, it is known that, if you do not eat enough nutrients, the child will reach for your supplies, and you will stay without them. But do not underestimate the impact of your choice on the health of your unborn baby. The child is developing very sensitive to your diet. Inadequate entry of the required nutrients can disrupt the development of its internal organs and affect its structure and function in the long term. All in all, poor nutrition will increase your chance of having health problems after your child’s birth and even in adulthood. The baby is completely dependent on you during the nine months of pregnancy and while giving birth to you. You get all the nutrients you need. It is important from the moment you find out that you are pregnant to begin to eat healthy. Your responsibility is great, listen to your body and follow the instructions that she gives you. The amount of food you eat in pregnancy does not have to increase significantly. However, to allow unimpeded development to your child, you will need a much larger quantity of certain nutrients.