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Construction Accident Settlements

  • $14,000,000
    Window Washer Fell From 47th Floor

  • $5,000,000
    Pedestrian Struck by Commercial Truck

  • $4,400,000
    Construction Worker Was Struck By Wooden Beam
  • $3,000,000
    Young Lady Misdiagnosed With Black Eye

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Construction Accident Lawyers New York

If you are searching for a lawyer to represent you regarding a construction accident in New York, contact Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein – Attorneys at Law. Our New York City construction accident firm specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases, and we strive to collect maximum recovery for all our clients. 

This renowned law firm has helped many injured construction workers to obtain maximum recovery on personal injury claims. The firm also represents families of construction workers who experienced wrongful death through on-the-job construction accidents. 

The lawyers and staff of Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein are compassionate and they fully understand how tragic a construction accident can be to the workers and families in regard to physical pain, emotional turmoil and financial well being. They are dedicated to aiding the worker and the family as much as possible to make the situation a lot easier to take. 

Free Personal Injury Consultation

The firm offers a free consultation in which the circumstances are reviewed and advice can be given about whether or not a winnable case is present. This firm often takes accident cases that have been denied by other attorneys. Our strategy building skills makes it possible to receive recovery even when it seems there is no hope. 

Our Attorneys' Contingency Fee Basis

Personal injury cases, including cases involving construction accidents in New York, are taken by this firm on contingency fee basis, meaning that the attorney fees come out of the settlement once one is obtained. 

These payment terms make it easier and less stressful for injured construction workers to retain competent legal representation at the time that they need it most.

Maximum Personal Injury Settlements

The five lawyers of Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein are committed to striving for maximum recovery for the injuries or untimely death of construction workers due to construction accidents. They work together as a team contributing their strengths and contacts to develop creative strategies based on the facts of the case. Professional opinions are sought from specialists who fully explain to the attorneys exactly how their area of expertise applies to the case. Expert testimony will be used when appropriate. 

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