How does this drama end?

Could you carry it to the car?

Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.

We're thorough.

Vick made Jurevis a cake for her party.

He works as a teacher, but actually he's a vampire.

Judge showed us a picture of his mother.

Dinner was awesome.

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How many times a day does that bus run?

We'll be patient.

The teacher lined the children up in order of height.

The plural of cactus is cacti.

Charlie and Ellen weren't injured.

Are you intending to go already?

What you said made Sally angry.

One must love one's neighbor.

I must cut down expenses.

This used to belong to him.

Ian lost seventy pounds.


How can you afford another suit?


I need peace and quiet after a busy day at work.


I'm sorry, did you say something?

I wrote a song for you.

He won't make it to old age.

He will be back shortly.

We grow wheat here.

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Hypocrisy is prejudice with a halo.

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It will never happen again.


Monica inherited his uncle's estate.

Wouldn't it be great if a gender-neutral pronoun for "he" or "she" existed in English?

True or false?

Why are you really here?

Can I borrow your mobile phone?

I've missed you very much.

The translation isn't possible.

We're pulling back to a safe distance.

Clark said it was unfair.

She was able to be ready early this morning, because she finished packing last night.

It's self-explanatory.

I'm in Boston now.

I look forward to my Mondays.

They told me to get out of town.

This watch was given me by my uncle.


There's a foul smell in the kitchen.

Hold your questions.

The soup tastes of garlic.

Name-calling is never productive.

I changed my hair, but he didn't like it.

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Anna managed to find a pay phone.

We didn't complain at all.

I'm so tired that I'm going to bed as soon as I get home.

Juliane doesn't want to get involved.

The first sigh of love is the last of wisdom.

Roy is the only one who can answer that question.

I intend to take a month's vacation on completion of this work.

It will be snowing in Hokkaido now.

I'm very clever.

Everyone has secrets.

He is no better than a murderer.

I really don't have enough money.

500 policemen were put on strict alert.


My bike was stolen when I went shopping.

We don't control anything.

What are the most commonly used swear words in Dutch?

Would you like me to continue?

They blamed the driver for the accident.


I should check on that.


In the last typhoon, the wind blew at over 200 kilometers per hour!

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Why don't you enlighten us?


Tell her that I'll do it.

Rudolf has built a large house.

Are you still seeing him?

I know about that research.

It's been ten years since he came to Japan.

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Officers arrested one person.

Doesn't he know me?

She felt herself torn apart.

Children seek approval from their parents.

Follow me into the room.

Kiki has gone to the mall.

The movie we saw last night was in French with English subtitles.

She asked the doctor to come and see her son again the next day.

Grace was rushed to the emergency room.

Where can I buy a playbill?

I know how this works.

Air pollution will be a threat to our survival.

Don't you want to know who I was with?

He looks like the yellow angry bird.

The U.S. economy shrugged off the '87 Crash.

I'll introduce you to her.

I've bought a gift for Hilda.

What would happen supposing the earth stopped spinning?

We've gotten into this fixed pattern.

Say what you really mean.

This has gone too far.

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Don't shoot the messenger.

She doesn't find anything better to do.

I told him you went home sick.


I'm not marrying you.


Naginata is one of Japan's traditional martial arts.

I don't want to live the rest of my life with a woman that I can respect but can't love.

It seems that there was a misunderstanding.


Can you teach me how to fly?

Call it whatever you want.

Sleeping with the television on is not good for the brain.

Let's see if they let you talk.

You get more and more beautiful every day.


She cooks well.


It felt really good.

I was caught in a shower just now.

Let's start with a few facts.

This CD belongs to her.

Could you clear the table, please?

Are you going outside?

You might find Maurice in the library, but I doubt it.

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He lost his father when he was three years old.

I slept on the bus.

Ultraviolet light can also go through clouds, so you can get sunburns on an overcast day.

My acquaintance with Esperanto enabled me to look deeper into the make-up and function of language.

Some ships are going out now.

2539 is a prime number.

Is that not possible anymore?

How am I writing without a pen?

Rahul scowled at Marek.


He probably likes it.

They married, even though they barely spoke each other's language.

They needed more time.


When one says things like <<All Colombians are proud of this and that thing>> it is speaking for others.


Don't tell him about this.

Why can't we go and see them?

Don't talk with your mouth full.

All things are subject to interpretation; whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.

Brodie must've had a good reason for what he did.

I think watching people playing chess isn't much fun.

I went there the day before yesterday.

I never want to talk to Rainer again.

I regret that I can't understand what you have said in English

Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in senate.

Let's all play together.

The sun is sinking in the west.

He didn't want to park his new car on the street.

A dog bit her leg.

You should treat the girl kindly.

Tad rarely makes a mistake.

It was Laurie that saved the girl.


She asked me what had become of him.


Nietzsche said, "Battle ye not with monsters, lest monsters ye become."

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He often sits by me and listens to music.

The stock market is severely depressed.

The lady does not like football.

We don't really know her.

Sonja is a lot stronger than Micah.

Like father, like son.

This is the best way to die.

I asked Pierce why he wasn't planning to go to Boston with us.

Career opportunities, flex-time, satellite offices, and more childcare facilities are required to make women at home join the work force.

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She is noted as a singer.


Am I intruding?

That's not good at all.

Jay came on Monday and went back home the following day.

I know it sounds familiar.

The moment she was alone, she opened the letter.

I stayed at a nice hotel.

There is no eternal love.


He will come provided that he is well enough.


I didn't have a real good answer.

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Kuldip doesn't kiss nearly as well as you do.