The cries of wolves in the distance gave Barbara a sense of foreboding.

You can easily see the politician in him.

We must move this statue very carefully.


It's no use worrying about it. There's nothing you can do.

What're you going to tell her?

Let's just hope we don't have to use our guns.

How did you know I was lying?

The sky is full of dark clouds.

I'm frightfully chilly.

You have an imaginative, artistic and pretty romantic personality.

Yikes, wait a second!

I'm getting my wisdom tooth.

I cannot revise with this noise.

Pia doesn't want to discuss this.

It can't work.

I told you that was ridiculous.

You'd have to ask him.

Inge was a sinful girl, who did not value the gifts of God, but trampled them under her feet.

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It's awful, just awful.

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He loves her. She loves him, too.

That's a nice skirt.

The door opened and there she was, standing in the doorway.

These customers are very rude.

Merat is untalented.

In ten minutes, the potatoes will be done.

I have never understood correctly what electrodes are.

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This cake is out of this world.

Hiromi wears a new dress.

Barry came to my house.

English is spoken by about a billion people.

Who's paying for the food?

Children often do stupid things.

If you could assist me, it would be a great help.

She's going to the hospital.

Holly's sentences are very difficult to understand and translate.

Write your full name.

Tomorrow I will return to Japan.


The chakras are all aligned in a vertical column along one's spine.


Kathy is the ranking officer.

I dropped my sandwich.

I carried out Jerry's instructions.


Matthew is studying his notes.

He fired a shot at random.

You can't get lost in big cities; there are maps everywhere!

Do you know who you are?

The League of Nations did not make for peace.

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That amount of crops isn't enough to support their economy.


We kept our word.

I tried to convince Vassos otherwise.

Liisa dislikes snakes.


Her dream of a lifetime finally came true.

Why weren't you at the recital?

He didn't come after all.

That's got to make a difference.

Do you get paid for being such an asshole?

It's the most important of all the elements for public health and medicine.

Are you ready for the next problem?

It makes me nervous.

Then little Gerda was very much frightened, and began to cry, but no one heard her except the sparrows.

I heard you're having problems with Part.

You can't do both at the same time.

She attended the lecture on social welfare.

I wanted to meet and talk with the girl at the window.

I sneaked up behind her.

What about you? Will you have orange juice, too?

Judge is so good at this.

Could you please speak a little bit more slowly?


Maybe I should give you a hand.

Magnus can't work tonight.

He's going to let him use his own.

We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck!

Henry is no match for Clara.

His face says that he lost.

Botulism, brucellosis, Lyme-disease and tetanus are infectious, but not contagious diseases.

Do you have any idea where Panacea put the keys?

We don't have a daughter.

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I just wanted to finish it before I went home.

The two countries are closely related to each other.

Nothing significant was found.

That's not exactly a top priority.

There are many possible explanations.

He banged his knee.

I guess you're still pretty mad at me, aren't you?

Like most diseases, it has its own symptoms.

I wonder why Sofia was so angry.

The truth value of an assertion may be a probability value.

Why don't you try getting to bed earlier tonight?


Kaj has never been on a ship.

Malaclypse gave me a big hug.

Don't you have to be at work?

Is there anything to eat?

My eyes are burning.


The president was very serious about your overseas assignment.


Bell peppers generally have a sweet taste.

How long does it take to get to Vienna on foot?

How many players are there?


I had never seen a windmill until I visited the Netherlands.

Won't Sanche ever come back?

The following verbs only take the to-infinitive as their object.

She wanted to know if what I discovered was true!

Anna got into a serious relationship with Paul after they graduated.

Do you know whether or not she can speak English?

I wonder who this sentence belongs to.


How many stamps do you have in your collection?

Whose fault was that?

This college was established in 1910.


They all want to talk about Joshua's book.

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It was an experience.

What a beautiful woman!

I turned it off.


When will the Japanese class start?


I saw more than Isidore thought I saw.

We must pay attention to the fact that no nation claimed sovereignty over this region.

The young Russian geologist hammered off a piece of the stone and minutely examined it. "Basalt!" - he cried rapturously, passing a fragment of the rock to his German colleague.


I owe her one.

Huashi has already finished the book he started reading last night.

Don't be so paranoid.


I've decided to jog every morning.

Take them for a swim.

I haven't met him before.

He crushed the box.

That boy's name is Winnie.

I am tired from a long walk.

Torsten isn't my type.

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Everyone likes him.


Caroline beat Nou in tennis.

Do not hesitate to approach me in case you need someone to look after your money.

I thought we could put a sign in the window.

Let there be no mistake about it.

Our request for a pay rise was turned down.

The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge.

Come again?

A photograph can't explain the reasons.

His son is serving his sentence.


I've never been asked for anything like this.

We could've waited, but we decided to leave without Steven.

Manolis is not a lazy boy. As a matter of fact, he works hard.


Apparently, Presley is still alive.

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Surya calls me almost every day.


I have already packed my things.

It was from her.

Calvinism had a very strong impact.

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I always forget about myself.


We all agreed it was a good idea.

That's how Doug did it.

The birthstone of April is diamond.


Managers like Paula Grayson, however, are trying to persuade them to change their habits.

Go into the office. I'll follow you in a few moments.

They've been late every day.

I've chosen you to succeed me.

I've been seeing someone.

I don't know anything about ballet.

How long have we been married?

Acetone cannot be drunk.

We cannot tell which is better.

I like cracking sunflower seeds.

Carter was attacked by a swarm of bees.

He was looking for something in the dark.

Nou is an exceptional person.

I think Jesse's here.

It's about time you stopped watching television.

The door's unlocked.

Have you ever studied archaeology?

I asked him to come in.

Spass would kill me if I told anyone.


That could be a problem, I think.