It will take me some time to learn German.

Ha - this work finished! Let's go to next stage!

I want to know what it is first.

Your room must always be kept clean.


Pratapwant said he'd never leave me.

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Part put out his hand.

The boy took the radio apart.

I'm very happy about it.

Kevan ran out of money and had to cut his trip short.

How'd you end up here?

You were late.

Where exactly did this happen?


The more hurry, the less speed.

What hours is the shopping center open?

I never do anything stupid.

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Andrea passed with flying colours.


They're not happy.

Are you really that stupid?

Don't give up like that.

Eli is a little impulsive, isn't he?

I don't have anybody who'll listen to me.

He should have been rich: he has a rich man's tastes.

I study German.

How's the breakfast at McDonald's?

You have a really nice voice.


It's gotten late, so you better hurry up and sleep. You still need to go to work tomorrow.

My wife deliberated whether we would buy a new house or not.

Many Eastern religions teach that there is a unity behind the diversity of phenomena.

Madrid is the capital of Spain.

I often take a bath before breakfast.

After a certain point, everything became a little more difficult.

They could not help being touched.


I could not believe my ears.

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I told Earl to come here tomorrow at 2:30.

I never had a chance, did I?

Leila would never forgive us if we did that.

I think Matti is inconsiderate.

It made me feel lousy.


Your friendship is most precious to me.

The young man is quite suited for the position.

I thought I was his best friend.


I enjoy spending time with him.

I have to visit her.

I felt much more relaxed.


Go up these stairs.

Schools were started to help young people prepare for living in the world.

I've seen the film many times, but I'd like to see it again.

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Look in front of you.

That's Miriam's umbrella.

I'm in the midst of an emotional disaster.

It's your call, Saiid.

All my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients.

We have to find a way to help Ramneek.

This park is at its best in spring.

Your problem is that you've always been too trusting.

Suu doesn't want to drink a thing.

A new law is expected to cut air pollution by 60%.

This song makes me homesick.

Watch out for cars when you cross the street.

Did you go anywhere for the summer?

Ueno is the station after next.

I knew you wouldn't want to do that.

What is the name for a sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet?

I've already ordered it.


I'm a little jealous.

The train station is next to the hotel.

Send my greetings to your wife.


Scientists are slowly piecing together the mechanism of aging.

The black cat runs fast.

You were lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

I'm a terrible swimmer.

We will only consider placing an order if you reduce the price by 5%.

Did you break it?

I expect you to be punctual.

In the future, Firefox will upgrade plugins for you.

I know a man who can help.

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She owns a large mansion.

He lives on the floor above me.

They named her Jane.

Please answer this question again.

Scarcely had I reached the airport before I realized I had forgotten my ticket.

He is anxious to know the result.

I can't wait to see your Halloween costume.

Is there room at the counter?

When did you learn to swim?

I think we'll all feel better once we get a little sleep.

I'm behind in my paperwork.

Gordon liked that.

Everybody, come here.

How'd you find it?

I met Eva last night.

As a rule, I prefer people who deal with matters of this kind directly with those involved.

We must appeal to public opinion about the matter.

Devon left a message for you.

David has apologized twice.

She finally fell asleep.

That's an option.

Once you go ahead and start, even the tiresome work of adding and subtracting figures is interesting in its way.

This account does not agree with the facts.

I need what you have.

Kyle doesn't know I'm alive.


I'm going back to school.


Pierre offered me a very sweet deal.

His answer was not favorable.

Your faces are all too familiar to me, but I can't remember your names.

Did you get your wish?

Is Jimmy still at work?


There was a light rain yesterday.

That's all I do.

They wanted to steal the car.


I'm sick of hearing the same thing all the time.


"Ah!" is an interjection.

Rolfe seems to have lost consciousness.

The ailerons are hinged on the wings and move downward to push the air down and make the wing tilt up. This moves the plane to the side and helps it turn during flight.

I knew I couldn't trust her.

I'm afraid of discord arising with my husband so I'm turning a blind eye to his mistress.

I felt my way to the door.

I've been here thirteen days, possibly more.

There are three students with the same name in that class.

"Eric is a great guy." "I couldn't agree with you more."

He's already here.

When it rains, I get depressed.


You catch a big fish at times.


I thought he was stupid.

I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.

Now, look at the picture, every one.

This is the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Maybe we'll be working together.

I want to achieve something before I die. Something I'll be remembered for.

I would like to repay your kindness in the near future.


Their heart leaped with joy.

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I heard my name called.

Ofer spoke to Chet in French, but she answered in English.

I'd like to talk to the hotel manager.

Miriam won't like it if you're late.

Raj wanted to wear his new shoes.

We piled the wood in the backyard.

I felt like a shudder was sent through me.


We only have three options.


Will you look after my dog while I'm out?


Bad things are behind me.

The sun has just come up.

We work for our living.

It saved me.

Eugene asked Irfan if she was busy.

Especially in northern China, wrapping and eating dumplings has become an important activity for happily spending New Year's Eve in many households.

The car continued to pick up speed.

Cats have a dread of water.

We'll get in touch with them.


He bored us with his long stories.

He can move quietly and quickly.

Myron's password was easy to guess.

Her husband is about to die.

If only I could speak English!

Sorry, but you're not allowed to fish here.

We knew Carter wouldn't be late.

How much English can you speak?

Shuvra didn't act quickly enough.

Come and tell me all about yourself.

Can you remember that last time you ate ravioli?


Can you imagine dating Nadeem, for example?

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I don't know if I'm staying yet.

I can't seem to do anything right.

You saw something you were not supposed to see.

You are pregnant.

If I were you, I would follow his advice.

I want to see the horses.

It's no longer possible to do that.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.

That's all we can do for now.