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For what are you waiting? You're always waiting for something.

This tree bears ugly fruits.

I have worked and she has played.

Ramanan skipped school.

Hey, check this out.

I need more butter.

Just yesterday I told that dope about everything, and today he's playing his old tricks again! What's wrong with him?

Can I interrupt for a second, Jinchao?

Animals have no reason.

Suu looks really hurt.

You were a kid once, right?

A study found that almost 10% of men were obese in 2008. That was up from about 5% in 1980.

Fay asked for Winnie's opinion.

Aggressive salespeople often don't think they're being pushy; they think they are 'results oriented.'

That's your problem, not mine.

There's a funny smell coming from the engine of the car.

With the T.V. on, how can you keep your mind on your studies?

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Where were you three nights ago?

They always did what Hamilton told them to do.

Let's order twenty kebabs!

Why have you changed your profile picture?

I've lost about 80 cents.

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They just want to talk to her.

You don't get something for nothing.

Teresa isn't enjoying himself.

Kiki's diet resulted in weight loss.

You wouldn't hit me, would you?


The band has played a march.

Do you like the food here?

Somebody poisoned us.

I don't remember anything about them.

He still thinks we're friends.

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Samuel can't refuse.

I am an English teacher.

I live in a big city.

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His idea is better than yours.

Let's do some boxing.

I don't know anyone here.

Her honesty is beyond question.

Let's try it with this one.

I have fewer students than Pedro does.

In 1999, everyone was afraid of the Y2K bug.

What did you want to see me about?

Try and do it.

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In books lies the soul of the whole past time.

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Well, you were right.

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My name is Francesca.


The room is rather small.

Professor, what do you think of the situation in the Middle East?

Bobbie is hard to handle.

You're just like Coleen was thirty years ago.

Would Kiki let you drive his car?

What was your first impression?

Agatha is getting agitated.


I don't want to remain here.

Because they had no time to spare, they hurried back to town.


It was springtime... and everything was quiet and peaceful in the country.

Srinivasan lives a secluded life.

I hope it rains.

Ken put flowers on Ronald's grave.

Are you sure this is Prakash's house?

I mean, am I that good as a friend that it's hard to take chances to be in a relationship with me?


The only limit is your imagination.

Is there a bank near the station?

You could get hurt.


I thought you might be able to help.


The squirrel ate the hazelnut.

Scarcely had her mother left when Shane took control of the house and tirelessly harassed her little brother Kathy.

Her car has a nice polish.

Give me a minute and l'm good. lf l've got an hour, l'm great. You give me six months, l'm unbeatable.

Concerning this, I'm the one to blame.

You can tell Michiel really doesn't want to be here.

It's demeaning.


Call the police!

It'll be a long wait.

Raanan wasn't the right guy for Juliane.

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I wish you the very best of luck.

He screams a lot.

Sanjib watched as Saumya took a bite out of the sandwich he'd just made for her.

He-heh... there's a tale behind that, for that place.

Truth, in matters of religion, is simply the opinion that has survived.


The neighbor popped his head up over the wall for a moment.

Peggy needs all the help he can get.

And nobody helped you?

Whether or not we play an encore depends on the audience.

Alejandro asked Charles if she knew his new address.

I appreciate it when a native speaker tries to help me sound more like a native speaker.

Maybe I'll just wander off on my own.


Arnold is not answering his phone.


It doesn't sound to me like you want to talk.

I told Raif to clean his room.

However not attacking your partner in sparring is not a kindness!


You should be scared.

Isn't that what Louis said?

You will have to take his place in case he cannot come.

Is this the boy you were talking about?

Give me that knife.

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You don't have to do that if you don't want to.


He took the elevator to the 5th floor.


Doctor, I have memory problems.

When the kid wanted the latest PlayStation software, he acted like a spoiled child.

Unexpectedly the weather forecast came true yesterday.

I don't really want to do that.

Can S. Jobs bring back the magic to Disney?

After tonight, that won't be a problem.

When we awoke, we were adrift on the open sea.

It was a fun day yesterday.

When you write or say anything, do you have a nagging voice - or voices - in your head criticising and/or arguing with everything you're saying or writing?

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I am not dead, but that doesn't stop me from being food.

Are you sure we have enough money to buy everything?

Your son is sick.

Vijay is always friendly to me.

It isn't hard to do.

You're so dramatic.

The strikers called off the strike of their own accord.

Ethan seems to be objective.

I have three options for you.

I was ashamed of my brother.

We did very good business.

I would really like to help you, but my hands are tied.

I wonder how much Darby's new boob job set her back.

Linley had better not do that.

Would you like us to come back later?

Wait till you see this.

Every writer writes in the way that accords with his own idiosyncrasies.

I want to learn to sound more like a native speaker.

I want to make sure we have plenty of time.

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Won't anyone sit with me?

She is a college graduate.

Rob is kind of hot.

Do you have any kids?

The streets in Hokkaido are wide.


I don't know how to prove this math equation.


Subra almost married Sedovic.

I couldn't save him.

Marie pretended that he didn't recognize Himawan.

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The proof is left to the reader.


However, it seems that just because it's a 'low risk day' doesn't mean that you won't get pregnant from intravaginal ejaculation.

Maarten parked his car behind Rik's house.

Mr. Darcy asked him why he had not married your sister at once.

The town has changed a lot since then.

Arne almost never asks questions.


Merril has a remarkable memory.


How long does it take to get to Vienna on foot?


It was a bad idea.

These remarks are related to her proposal.

Lea said he didn't know where Curtis went.

Close your eyes and count to ten.

At the start, I was really still a bit scared.

Is it that serious?

Harris resold his home.


I have a basic knowledge of English.

Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

We'll come visit.

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I beg to modify your proposal.

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Joanne got out of the truck.


Child, why are you crying? Tell me.

He's washing your car.

Morton didn't even look at the letter Sherman wrote to him.

Someone tried to shoot him.

Then she took out a needle and thread, and began to darn her stockings.

Traveling will immensely enrich our minds.

Rayan is very lively.