He was beaten with an iron rod during a violent soccer match.

I want to see Presley now.


We're so proud of you.

They're lighting the candle and asking the great kind God for happiness.

Go and see if Mr Wilson is at home.

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It's impossible to know what might happen.


Was that a lie?

I lost my motivation.

I'd like to get away from Boston for a few days.


This is the moment we've been waiting for.

How would you like your steak done?

Ramanan and I'll be best friends forever.

Shirley and Mara are much stronger than we are.

I know how much it means to you.

This bread is very delicious.

Yesterday in the morning, I was harvesting potatoes. Because of the rain they were partly rotten.

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Everybody's talking about it.

He seems quite happy.

He is considered an extraordinarily gifted pianist.


There is eloquence in screaming.

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According to an expert.

Put your book in your locker.

He took his place at the foot of the table.

He concealed the fact that he had divorced his wife.

Where are the other guys?

Man can be defined as the animal that can say I, that can be aware of himself as a separate entity.

He studied for an hour and a half every day.

I think I should leave.

Her bike is better than mine.

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This box is not as big as that one.

That child was talking with an innocent smile.

I'd like you to tell Jinny not to be late.

She didn't exactly agree with me.

I hope this is resolved quickly.

You've parked yourself like manure on a field.

Winston kept silent for a while.

He was called Ted by his friends.

Are you for or against political correctness?

Anyone whose comfort level depends on what someone else is wearing really needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

Tell them that I'll do it.

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I don't hate my brother.


John tried to get Honzo to drink some water.

Have we made any progress?

They are good friends of his.

I'm a single child.

A woman whose tongue grew out of the roof of her mouth soon found herself surrounded by overeager linguists.

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I hear that you felt ill at ease at the party.


Do you want to learn or not?

Don't do two things at a time.

The train was delayed for an hour.


I can't speak French well.

I was on vacation.

She'll take care of that.

Rob slept three hours.

There is no reason why he should resign.

Follow me and I will show you the way.

Go along this street for a mile.

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You're not going to avoid being punished for this.


Come on, let's have a go.


Joshua loves riding motorcycles.


She never used a screwdriver.

It's been three years since Ethan left Boston.

That hat looks good on her.

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You have the right to remain silent.

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No sooner had he struck the match than the bomb exploded.

See you at Christmas.

She looks young, but in reality she's over 40.

What is the name of the lady who must not be named?

What dress do you like more?

I knew you'd like it.

Loud music always makes Fred hit the roof.

Laurent called the students back into the room to tell them about the plane crash.

The day-old chicks cheeped shrilly as their mother returned to the nest with a beak full of food.

It's dangerous to fool around with electricity.

He doesn't like us.

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I assume you asked Saad to tell Scot what the situation is.

Bret shouldn't be practicing medicine.

I am getting across the river.


This TV is made in Korea.

I've got something important to discuss with you.

I crawled under the fence.

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I've got some ideas on how to solve this problem.

Ragnar seemed frightened at first.

That is a large force with 5,000 soldiers.

Be more careful, or you will make mistakes.

He looked pleased.

Of course I could have gone, but I didn't feel like it.

It's so typical of him to bail out at the last minute.

My father hates my reading a newspaper at breakfast.

I should've gone fishing.

Bradford decided it was time to go home.

You scared the living day lights out of me!

Will you read my essay and correct the mistakes, if any?

I prepared breakfast for myself.

Where was Justin when we needed him?

She admired him.

Is there anything you can tell us about Tuan that we don't already know?

What kind of songs are popular these days?

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Tears now are useless. You should have thought of all this before.

They'll give us their answer soon.

This is just too big to carry.

Hokkaido lies in the north of Japan.

We're not sure on how it started.

Klaudia knows who did this.

It's a design flaw.

I'm ready for tomorrow.

A kiss in the woods is better than ten in hand.

I want to try to help you.

Our efforts did not result in success.

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Rich sat at the counter, typing on a notebook computer.


Don't take your eyes off Rabin.

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This is the same book as I have.

Who got shot?

I know you've seen some awful things.

He cut it with the knife that he received as a present from his brother.

I want to talk to you.

There's nothing you can do to stop me.

It's always been like this.

She is a reflection of her mother.

I like to mime President Bush.

He asked me if I was busy.

I'm staying at this hotel.

You should have Dwight arrested.

Please let me talk to her.


Which team will win?

She visited a temple.

Elaine doesn't understand French at all.


That would be very helpful.


They are taller than she.

I don't believe a word of it.

What time do you usually wake up while on vacation?

His loud voice drew my attention.

The little girl never smiles at anyone other than Emily.

He began to shout.

I'm sorry if I disturbed you.

Where's my tea?

Water gurgles while fire crackles.

He looked at the cows in the fields.

My family welcomed my new boyfriend into their home with open arms.

It is not easy to understand why you want to leave.

I'm not good at math.

Have you ever been to England?

I don't think it's such a crazy thought.

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The doctor's instructions are as follows: Take this medicine after meals.

Mr Smith is an eminent violinist.

Helen is very worried about her daughter.

That plan seems reasonable to me.

When money ceases to have value, the entire system stops working.

No one gave up hope.

There's hope for you yet.

Amedeo likes Greek yogurt.

Eva had the last laugh.

The farmers are planting rice.

Isaac certainly sounds like he comes from a rich family.

He followed hard after me.

The answer irritated me.


Christofer was humiliated by Martin.

The baby is crying for milk.

We'll be back in an hour.

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Have you already eaten some cake?

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Where do we start?


There is a little milk in the glass.


Tell Patricia to write me.

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She was in the mood for a walk.