Price sang to Maria.

John didn't know Tupi is spoken in Brazil.

I watch TV after I finish my homework.

When the last customer leaves, we close the doors.

It was not in his nature to speak ill of others.

He goes overseas every year.

Help me bind the papers into bundles.

I just wanted to tell you I ran into Mysore this morning.


It was a shock, to be sure.

It's not even true.

The world is changing every minute.

Go to bed.

Nobody came to my rescue.

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He opened her lunch box.

I am dyeing my hair brown.

It was pretty shocking.

She'll understand.

Have you heard the big news?


They will trust you.


We've been very patient.


I want you to find out if Isabelle is planning to come here by himself.

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What do you want to give him?


A forest is not just trees, not even a collection of trees, but a dense stand of woodland covering a vast area.

Something's happening here.

He's too tall to stand up straight in this room.

I swore off drinking only to start again the next week.

I like him, but he doesn't like me.

I gave her the afternoon off.

Your soul has been condemned to hell.

I've lived in Boston a while now.

I just want a little more of that.

There you go again with your complaints.

It's best to wear a cap on your head during the cold Moscow winters.


The table in that room is very nice.

The boy can count to ten.

The police are questioning her.


Irwin is now Pilar's assistant.

Maureen lacks motivation.

I can't understand why Myrick wouldn't want you to be here.

Be careful not to cut yourself.

A car passed by in the dark.


It's a newspaper like all the others.

She went to the mall with her friends.

There's somebody here who did it, isn't there?

We need them.

Bradley is just careful.

Children under thirteen years of age are not admitted to this swimming pool.

I must manage on a small income.

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He doesn't respond to the stimulus.


I don't know how I've offended you.

How did Casper know what Think was going to say?

Jitendra doesn't know why Morgan doesn't like him.

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Guillermo has been very naughty.


Yana lives in London.

I assume Aaron didn't show up.

You can talk in front of me.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

They exchanged a look.

I'm waiting for them to leave.

Do you have a friend that can help you?

Benson and his girlfriend are in the same class.

Does it offend you?

I like red meat.

I know I am terrible, but it was just tempting me.


She found what she was looking for.


Many flowers start blooming in springtime.


I decided to do the same thing Tran did.


No animals are to be found on the island.

I did not listen to the chorus of that song.

I'll tell you something else.

There must be a defect in the experimental method.

Trevor doesn't get along with his neighbors.

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Susumu jumped across the mud puddle.

She is more an acquaintance than a friend.

She scrubbed the floor of the kitchen with a brush.

Blake likes stories.

Can you tell me what you mean by that?

The sandwiches were awful.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Van Dorgen Exhibition.

Lenny looked as if he'd seen a ghost.

I bet I know what you want.

I saw you waiting in the lobby.

It was a hoax.

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Juan found something on the front seat of his car.

Everyone's crying.

The people in the village fell ill one after another.

My watch is gold-plated.

Don't put anything on top of the box.

I'm not scared of terrorists.

John is senior to me by two years.

They bought a car.

You did this, didn't you?

You are one of the most despicable people it has ever been my displeasure to meet.

Stop hanging out with losers.


We learned about that from reliable sources.

An innocent passer-by was shot dead in broad daylight.

I suggest that perhaps we should give James a second chance.

I haven't been following the news lately.

We observed this plant closely for a few weeks.

Opposition is becoming more marked.

Do you think I missed something?

He was walking up and down the station platform.

I doubt his story.

Don't think about that anymore.

My fever won't go away.

Even though we were supposed to meet at 10, I've had no contact with them. I wonder if they've had an accident.

Perhaps you should stay here.

I borrowed the book from the library, but I haven't read much of it yet.

Roxane took his glasses off and put them on the bedside table.

Ever since his graduation from university until his retirement, Lao Wang had continually worked as a teacher.

"I'll hang the sheets myself," the neighbor said. "It's not like they're that heavy."

I thought you could use a break.

I'm certain that Mum will be angry.

But meanwhile it flees: time flees irretrievably, while we wander around, prisoners of our love of detail.

This egg is fresh.

The first-time precarious fisherman, lazily fished dangerous poisonous fish, but soon stopped to shell peas.

He is very meticulous in his work.

Only one store carries this book.

John acts like Helen's guardian.

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He identified the wreck of the Titanic.

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I am interested in old cities in the world.

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I pulled my car to the left side of the road.


You were almost run over by a truck.

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There were a good many candidates for the position.

The traffic accident deprived him of his sight.

You can't be too careful driving on the expressway.

I'm just not having any fun.

I've converted all the audio files to MP3 files.


All I can tell you is it had something to do with a guy named Joachim.

Ritsuko is something of an authority on the subject.

You came here because you wanted to know the truth.


Don't be afraid to invest time and energy.


They eat chocolate.


I'm not going to ask again.

We need accurate information.

Andreas has been abroad for three years now.

Don't command me to not command you!

I bought a camera the other day.


I went to many shops to look for the book.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would never give up the plan.

Joubert wrote his phone number on a napkin and handed it to Bradford.

Professor, what do you think of the situation in the Middle East?

Enthusiasm is contagious.

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What should I look for?


I couldn't stand to see you cry.

Jock is wearing a tuxedo.

Someone is singing.

You may expect me tomorrow.

They said that they would do homework, though they went to the movies.

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How fast Omar speaks!

What's it to me?

Korean food is noted for its spicy flavor.

I'll give that to you.

I'm a bit drunk.

He realized a large sum by the sale of the plantation.

I don't think I'd mind eating Chinese food every day.

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What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.


Vaughn asked me to meet him at the airport.

Please clean the floor with this mop.

I'm not inciting them.

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According to a study published in 2016, Germany is the best country in the world and Canada is the second best country.

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Saumya is dyeing his hair.