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Last night, I indulged in reading the book he lent me.

Can I talk to her for a minute?

We'll do everything we can to help you.


He showed off his new car.

How would you translate it?

My friends call me Beth.


The clock is ten minutes behind.

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You're supposed to help him.

Can you take your seat, sir?

How amazing that your mother speaks six languages!

On Saturday we went to the movies, then to the restaurant.

They seem happy.

He's going to cross the river.

Darryl sent me a message.

How late do you stay open?

I don't need a heart anymore.

Fifth Harmony is an amazing girl group.

I wouldn't put it that way.

Today is my friend's birthday.

That's not true! You're lying!

He misled you.

We caught a glimpse of the castle from the window of our train.


I have a skin eruption.

Is there anybody else I can ask?

There are islands in the ocean.


The League of Nations did not make for peace.

You must do the work even if you don't like it.

They are good friends of theirs.

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If you get sleepy, tell me.

I don't know how I did it.

She isn't there again; that happens often.

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This problem is not avoidable.

There's a good chance that he'll be late.

Can you keep the eggs outside the fridge?

Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy?

I'm very tired today.

Daniele was in too much pain to speak.

Some people say that travel by air is rather economical.

I shall never give up.

That was why the city was named Rome.


Unfortunately, our father is not in heaven, but in a jail cell.


I hope things will turn out well for you.

I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.

You shouldn't listen to Joshua.

The police are looking into it.

Grace always had pets when he was growing up.

We are already planning to do that.

The story is full of holes.

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The old man's narrative was punctuated by coughs.


Warren is still in the hallway.

What they say is contradictory to their feelings.

We can't land the plane on that field.

Can you take me to this address?

There are some people who think it's a bad idea.

Who is the gentleman all dressed in black?

Who else was at Damone's party?


It is ten years since I came to Tokyo.

I got up an hour earlier than I usually do.

Edmond looked like a truck driver.

That bridge is very beautiful.

I think it might be useful if you could add how to output the diphthongs (with small ya/yu/yo) and geminate consonants (with small tsu).

I woke up with a crick in my neck.

It seems like a good plan.

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Listening to him exhausts me.


Anatoly can't come in here.

Why don't I have a freind like that?

I wish there were no examination.


Medical doctors and dentists have very different tools of the trades.


I think we need them.

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We haven't even started.

Costs of financial services are rising in every country.

Is honey more viscous than skin lotion?

Tell your mother about the trip.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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Did I get anything wrong?

Jayant died when I was thirteen.

They believe it.

Let's sing the song in English.

She's a total skank.


I think a bit of anger is better for you than worry.

I don't mean to challenge your theory.

Urdu is our mother tongue.

Detours expand your knowledge of the surroundings.

You don't look very happy.

What are the symptoms?

Kerry said he didn't want to go with us.

A dog runs after a cat, and the cat after a mouse.

Can I borrow your pen?

Your essay has some mistakes, but as a whole it is very good.

I had to deal with her.

Takayuki felt very tired.

The lake is four miles across.


Micky is kind of worked up about it.


Are you bringing anyone?


I think I can complete this task by myself.


Murph's body was found in a swamp.

I won't ask you anything else today.

We took a turn around the city in our car.

He's asleep.

They paid a high compliment to the speaker.


I don't know where Liyuan works.


Mohammad has an eye for modern art.

This school is ours.

I'm going to Boston next week.

It's good to be back!

Tracy isn't stupid.

Working from home via computer can be lonely.

I told them not to use those.

Bud warned Eddie that his mother was a gossip who would repeat anything told to her in confidence.

I'm taller than you.

Indra is usually busier than Harold.

What was your mother doing when you got home?

Vice's parents were Canadian.

Mistakes were made.


I have business with him.

Brandon's attitude is pretty good.

What else does Nicholas need?

We're just friends?

They left for Europe by air.

Loren and one other person were seriously injured.

Rees didn't know where it was.


Don't you think we ought to wait?

Have dinner with us.

The young man was extremely money hungry.


I need you to be honest.


How long has Nou been in love with you?

She is getting up a new play.

Hug Allan.

We didn't need to do that.

He can swim well.


You'll have to ask her that.

I knew what was back there.

I've decided to marry her.

Why won't anybody answer any of my questions?

I don't know why you're so shocked this happened.


I'm still here in Boston.

Once there was an unfortunate forgetful guy named James who used to confuse Pratap with Maria all the time. For that, Maria hated him in every fibre of her being.

It'll be interesting.

A group of scientists stood by, ready to record the experiment.

Why did Nikolai leave Boston?

A large percentage of bottled water is actually bottled tap water.

Is scarlet a fruit or a color?

I didn't know Tricia very well.

The aim of this report is to describe schools in Italy and to provide some suggestions on how to improve them.

That country abounds in oil.

I brushed my hair.


Dan wondered what Triantaphyllos's husband was like.

I can never go back there again.

You may kiss my hand.


They're just jealous that we're having fun.

She needs a cab.

I had a strict curfew at my house.

You may as well do the task now.

The debate was closed.

Keep away from me, devil!

I no longer wish to be a part of this project.


A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.

You shall be my daughter's husband.

It's definitely a bad idea.

He takes pride in his son.

Thomas opened up the bag with a knife.

French cuisine is excellent.

He sells shoes.

The poor old man was reduced to just a skeleton.

She was brought up according to the Jewish religion.