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If a very large amount of memory is installed, an 'insufficient memory' error message is displayed.

Why is that here?

How does this apply?

Barney didn't say where he had been.

Let's see how the negotiations pan out before we decide.

Why are they fighting?

I can't explain the reason for his conduct.


The noise is deafening.

He is not old enough to live alone.

The moon was the only light in the mountains that night.


If a player hit the tree with the ball, it meant that the crops would grow successfully.

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He made me go.

This is the perfect place for a romantic picnic.

Please come back home as soon as you can.

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The dogs help herd the cattle.

You're gonna love this.

They were all there.

Don't be so nosy!

Did you remember to thank them?


I wish Tolerant was still here.


The girls don't like you.


Persons under age are prohibited from smoking.

This is getting difficult.

They are very kind to me.

You'll never guess where I am.

Don't forget about me!


Metin isn't very energetic.

I'm genuinely happy for her.

We are too weak to obediently follow our reason.

I'm not proud of my son.

We need your help finding Matthias.

What does Stanislaw have to do with any of this?

Finally, it's Friday.

They don't like Marcos.

I own a house in Boston, but Chicago is my home.

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I went running past them.

Do you speak Turkish?

This is the first time I've ever mentioned Marika.

My dog is almost half the size of yours.

Danger gives relish to adventure.

Where can I take a bath?

The house is made of stone.

You and Brenda are not hungry.

Where do you want me to go? To a desert island?

The enemy kept up their attack all day.

You made that mistake on purpose, didn't you?


I'd just like to ask Ravindranath one question.

Let's all settle down.

He obtained the post through the good offices of a friend.


I think what you want is in the drawer.

Jeany didn't talk to Kiki all night.

He is my neighbour.


One of the dogs started barking.

You shouldn't judge a person based on his or her name.

I am so lonely I think I'm going to cry.

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I am not an American. I am a Canadian.

I didn't have time to write the report.

Lucifer wondered why Marion didn't want to help him.

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Fritz hasn't seen Sanand for more than a year.

I've talked to her.

You all got the whole pillow dirty!

The door will lock automatically when you go out.

What did he do to you?

I think it would be better to do this some other way.

She made me wait for half an hour.

Herman is lying face down on the floor.

Did you forget to flush the toilet?

Why are you telling me all this?

I can't afford to waste any more time.

Israel really likes you.

Hurf doesn't have to do anything.

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Why don't you come over and eat with us this evening?

The returning soldiers were commended for their bravery in battle.

Put away your toys!

Can you help me down?

I could do it again.

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Macedonia is called "Makedonija" in Macedonian.

My grandfather was an archaeologist.

D-drat! I didn't mean to let that slip..


His book begins with a tale of country life.

That strategy obviously didn't work.

You don't have to cover your mistake.

Why do you think Raj is late?

I was excited to come.


I'm not a big fan of snacking.

My father has five brothers and sisters.

Spass usually drinks diet root beer.


Can I join you?

Win is a hard-working family man.

Oh! Why me?!

I wish I could dance every day.

The skirt is too wide for me.

Rakhal must be punished.

She admires John for his courage.

General Franks received an honorary knighthood.

Do you want to work with her?

Everyone laughed, including Heidi.

We're embarrassing Gregor.

You don't have permission to do that.

Are you saying that you don't want to go with us?

The doctor told me I just had to learn to live with the pain.

Mongo made fun of Sergeant.

Do you want us to kill him?

Sergiu is way too old to be doing this.

The repairman is working in the corridor.

His family and his doctor urged him not to go.

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It is a little cold.

I said stay here.

I've been complaining about this problem for a long time.


Do you come from Austria or Australia?

He is in good physical condition.

She keeps an aardvark as a pet.

He knows how to climb a mountain.

Kikki accompanied Stephe to the event.


I'm not interested in a serious relationship.


I'm thinking about putting my house up for sale.

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It was charming to see how these girls danced. They had no spectators but the apple-pickers on the ladders.


The boss tortured the workers with his criticism.

The mother called the children one after another by their name but none of them answered.

It could be worth millions.

You were the most beautiful woman at the party tonight.

Must we already go? - Yes, the time has come.


I haven't said anything.

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She is making use of you.

The heating is costing me more and more.

I don't like this author's books.


I am not fat!

You don't have to stay to the end.

Do you still love me a little?

There are still people who don't know how to read.

Cathy is going blind.

Who can stop us?

The only question is how.

Getting to the bus stop, he found the bus had left.

We can vouch for them.

The house was more expensive than I had expected.

Hillel pulled a lever.

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Magazines let writers write what they want and decide how to lay it out afterward, but that magazine prioritizes its design, so it sets a predetermined limit on how many words are in it.

You may come at any time tomorrow afternoon.

You may use this car.


I'd like to see a doctor.


Tollefsen is doing a nice job.


I just started today.


How is it that he solved the problem?


Cristi is in there with Slartibartfast and John.

Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore?

I needed something more.

We have to act fast.

This scenery is magnificent.

I would like to make an offering to myself.

You hate Jeffrey, don't you?


She arrived unannounced.


Do you have any books written in French?

Do you ever have involuntary urination?

Just don't tell anybody where you got this.


I drank tea.

Children all leave the nest one day.

She says something every time I turn around.

This decision is bigger than me.

Excluding Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

Elizabeth is out fishing with Rex.

He has a short fuse.