Fishing, hunting, hiking and skiing are popular.

It was at Oxford University that Griff studied history.

I see your pen.

Luckily, Joshua was there.

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I want a match. Do you have one?

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You'd better start as soon as possible.


So you haven't seen her yesterday by chance?

I didn't mean to wake you.

What's the average lifespan of a butterfly?

Robert played the main part in the school musical.

He stood on the edge of the cliff.

I hope I'll have the courage to speak about my feelings.

She behaved as if she were a little girl to his sons.

I prefer a lighter color.

He made me go there.

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He knows no foreign language except English.

She cheated on me.

I can't imagine life without him.

His men began their attack on Mexico City.

He was destined never to meet her again.

He retired at sixty.

Marcel can play "Red River Valley" on the harmonica.

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I like a day like a dream.

Jonathan didn't want to get up so early.

I thought Bryce might actually do it.


This service is temporarily out of order.


Japan is to the east of China.

Jack might like to go with you.

Ti can't be over thirty. He looks like he's about eighteen.

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This is what Niall is supposed to do.

It is not enough to read great books once only, however carefully.

Shatter emigrated to Australia in 2013.

Dan is the bookkeeper and he has the money.

I'd never have met Beckie if it hadn't been for you.


He is always writing about journey to other planets.

Tanaka can see me.

She reminds me very much of her mother.

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Where are your credit cards?

Are you energetic?

The good driver wove his way through the traffic.

Marsh stopped to speak to Perry.

Clap your hands!

Ritchey has a pen in his hand.

Give me a bit more time, please.

The army were scathingly beaten.

How's your family?

He asked after you last night.

"How's the trouble and strife?" is an example of a sentence using Cockney rhyming slang.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to persuade him.

I only have 24 hours left to decide.

Making babies is not hard labor.

Luis couldn't help getting angry with Roxane.

If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there.

Would you like to leave a message for him?

I don't think he is fit for the job.

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I've let Teresa down.

Where can I hire a car?

Here are some pictures.

Do you want that responsibility?

I wouldn't recommend that right now.

I wish I knew what happened to all our family photos.

Randell sometimes needs a little supervision.

Cellulose is a carbohydrate.

Prompt action is necessary.

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Do you still write music?


Shared studying among premeds is rare.

Were you surprised to see Pravin?

Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.

I have to prepare for the English test.

He's quite philosophical about his demotion.

The salesgirl wrapped the gift for me.

I leave by train soon.

I have to say that I'm sorry.

I took Ann for her sister.


We are always moving with the earth.

The stew isn't ready to eat yet.

I asked him the same question.

The old woman lived in a 3 room apartment by herself.

It's too hot for me.

With this talisman, you can ward off any and all evil spirits.

We're past that.

Sergei wasn't tall enough to reach the top shelf.

There is no third choice.

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Corey probably knows someone who can teach us French.

He was aware of my presence but he did not greet me.

You haven't mentioned cost, and I won't sign until I know the bottom line.


She sent him a postcard.

"Laura and Anita" was truly an irredeemable piece of trash.

Donald didn't tell me what the meeting was going to be about.

We live on the sixth floor.

Srivatsan thinks quite highly of Luke.


I have a reservation, my name is Kaori Yoshikawa. Here's my confirmation card.

Boys are not welcome.

I'd like to speak to Srinivasan.

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You guys look way adorable together!

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He comes to school earlier than any other student in the class.


George is tall and likewise strong.

I'm going to buy a camera for my daughter.

This road leads to the station.

His speech contained very little matter.

On the whole, I agree with you.


Clarissa walks with a slight limp.

I made my way through the crowd.

Why can't we go and see them?

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Is he graduating this year?


I asked the company for his resume.

Ukraine is called "Ukraina" in Ukrainian.

Aaron wasn't there last week.

Watching television isn't interactive for most people.

You have to do it again.

May a hundred flowers bloom!

They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

She twisted a strand of hair around her finger.

I cannot help liking him in spite of his many faults.

They escaped being punished.

I thought I could buy a ticket today.

I don't want to get sick.


He is better off than before.


There's something else you need to do before you go home.

I'll be seeing you sometime next week.

I'm pretty sure Murthy is safe.

This car is too expensive.

We didn't hit it off too well at the beginning, but as we got to talking, we found we got along quite well.

He's innocent.

Gypsy is there to help Frances.

What was the reason for that?

I'm going fishing.

Isn't Shinji a pain? He is, isn't he?

Fastidious tastes will be most charmed with such verses as these.

Let's not discuss it.

He felt as if he were in a dream.

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I'm teaching my cat to relieve itself in the sandbox.

Olson certainly thinks so.

I know it was difficult.

You were incredible.

I'd like to be a part of your group.

My dress is ruined!

His request was equivalent to an order.

England was once torn by civil war.

Ric threw the photos in the fire.

I'm positive you won't be refused.

I've been telling you that for years.

Marshall wanted to have a nicer car than his neighbors.

Karl Marx said: "Workers of the world, unite!"

She got full marks by memorizing the whole lesson.

We need to hide the corpse.


We're waiting for him.

I value our friendship more than anything.

The place was almost empty.

We don't have time to finish checking the figures now, but we can go over them after lunch.

Son usually drives about 10 kph over the speed limit.

Tell me everything about you.

Is that what happened here?

It was a coincidence.

She has a large bedroom to herself.


Some of my classmate always make a fool of me.

This one is different.

He drinks tea and listens to music.

I'm sure I can find something for you to do.

Ouch! I've pricked myself!

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Leif didn't say where he had been.

Dan didn't even comment on Linda's picture.

Peggy spoke again.

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Success does not come from laziness.

On hearing himself praised, John was deeply embarrassed.

The sky above was a deep blue.

What's the matter, Toft? You can talk to me if you want.

That was a big mistake, wasn't it?