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Can I leave now?

Have any of these people ever done anything for me?

I waited a whole year for that.

I'd like to rent skis and ski boots.

We have had little rain this summer.

English has spread all over the country.

Darci wrote right back to Suwandi.

The moon was on the lake.

She bought a Hoover at the supermarket.

Grace never was stupid.

I need something to wet my whistle.


I told you I didn't want this.

I'll do your shopping, clean up the house, and cook your dinner for you.

Due to the thick fog, the road was difficult to see.

Please wait half an hour.

I believe in ethics, and if everybody believes in ethics we'd have no problems at all. That's the only way out, forget the religious side.


The stadium was flooded with baseball fans.

Three months ago there were so few students we stopped the class.

We went to a dance last Friday.


The results will be back in a week.

There is ample room for another car.

Blayne was talking the entire time.

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Jill looks mortified.


He refused to listen to our request for help.


I remember it like today.

They claim that all their products are friendly to the environment.

Your ideas are weird.

Lord, help me. The zipper's stuck.

People said that he is insane.


He went to the barber shop.

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Do you think Rod will show up?

You look just like your mother.

Kamiya urged Antonio to take the job she was being offered.

That's encouraging.

I found it difficult to use the machine.

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I saw Marie talking on the phone.


He felt very lonely.

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You'd better make up your mind quickly.

I have to take it.

Even I can't believe that.

She is now in the prime of womanhood.

Why isn't there anybody?

Samir raked in money during the war.

It's my job to protect them.

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Just what do you mean?


That law took effect today.

I can't tell you the answer to that yet.

She has an extraordinary ability in music.

Dan split the rent with Linda.

I have to commute all the way from a distant suburb.

Randal is very handsome.

Why don't you believe him?

I'm going to go see him.

If he's not your boyfriend, then why are you sleeping with him?

He suggested that we take a short rest.

Who asked him to come?

Accountants love spreadsheets.

A cake was frosted.

I can't find my garment bag.

Pravin really gets on my nerves.

Does she have a dog?

Did you honestly think Polly would come?


When a good opportunity presents itself, I don't let it pass.

The problem here isn't him.

I'd like to say goodbye.

Skateboarding is a lot of fun.

Our task is to repair a wall

Nici wanted a fresh start.

Let them keep their jobs.

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If you come to Rio, don't forget to call me to be your guide!

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Sanford thought his leg was broken.

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Sawako wants to go to France.

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Sal turned to Tammy and smiled.

I'm the only one here who understands French.

Laurence slammed the door.

I didn't even know you knew.

The door opened and a man walked in.

Dan left his home in London to visit a friend in Southampton.

I know only this.


We'll save this piece of cake for Cynthia.

Beat egg whites in a bowl until they are foamy and have a thick, ribbony texture, 2 to 3 minutes.

It doesn't seem; it is.

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Klaudia paid no attention to Billie's warning.

Let's postpone until next week.

He attentively went over her exam paper.


People are weird.

I have a friend who works as a volunteer.

Have patience with me.

Ramanan turns thirteen today.

Robin jumped out of his bedroom window.

What's Vladimir worried about?

You really picked a stupid place to pitch your tent.

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Polly is tired, and so am I.


I want to confess.

Whatever you do, don't smile.

Rebecca didn't see anyone he recognized.

I blame Cristi for what happened to all of us.

Izumi doesn't like mashed potatoes.

May has been in Japan for a year.

He keeps a ferret as a pet.

What's new with you? How is your new job working out?

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.

I like red wine better than white wine.

The situation was hopeless.

I thought Ira would be thrilled to see Carol.

Lance wants to be respected.

I'm trying to understand it.

He's stark crazy.

How do you plan to handle this?

He can't be a poet.

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I phoned.


I am speaking Osmani.

Jennifer did a really good job cleaning the windows.

You shouldn't look down on him.

He didn't have time to read.

I made this happen.

Do you shave every thirty minutes?

We have to warn him.

Twenties and some smaller bills, please.

Life is short and time is swift.

The standard Australian English accent comes from the South-eastern part of England.

Tell Surya he has to get out of bed.

Would you like a slice of pitaya?

The horse began to protest as soon as it was hitched to the cart.

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This smells like cheese.

We've made many improvements.

I'd like to have a word with you about what happened yesterday.


You've got to carry out your commitment at all costs.

I think you're not my type.

Kristin was proud of you.

Our work is all over now.

They verbally abused us.

Sheila knows better than to do that.

I like to have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.


He is sure to be cut from the team.


Sundar attends church regularly.

We'll never forget your kindness.

Marian showed me a picture of his girlfriend.

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Do as I say, and not as I do.


This is a statue of Saturn.

Many people are allergic to peanuts.

They danced in the fire.

He works well.

He offered his help to us.

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Saul really is a very cute girl.

I hope it rains.

There are a lot of girls in the room.

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I don't want to discuss Matt's problems with you.

Mat said that he and Clem are planning to go to Boston next summer.

I will come tomorrow.

The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is.

Can you obtain this rare book for me?

Have you been well?

It wasn't hers.

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We talked about food prices.

I've got something you need to see.

I'm not certain Vick likes that.

I think that's wise.

We have to do that this week.


Isn't that dangerous?

You're not helping very much.

We can be there.


What happens this week?