February 2019

The Lakeside Limited scenic train ride runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 11am, with the Deer Creek Express running the same days at 3pm. Monday Night Trains depart at 7pm. Upcoming Friday Night Trains: The Rock and Roll Train - February 22nd, The Broadway Show Tunes Train on March 1st, and the Cowboy Train on March 8th.


The Broadway Show Tunes Train

Join us for our popular Broadway Show Tunes Train! This two-hour round trip departs at 7pm, and includes music from your favorite Broadway shows, including Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Les Mis and lots more. You'll be singing along! Masks and costumes are encouraged. On board you'll also be treated to music, games, and prizes. Food and drinks for sale on board in the concessions car. Dress up, don your mask, and join on this unforgettable Broadway Show Tunes Train ride! Arrive early for the old west gunfight at the depot at 6:30pm just before boarding at 6:45.
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The Deer Creek Express

The Deer Creek Express

This 90 minute trip offers incredible views of the Wasatch Mountains, the wide-open vistas of Deer Creek Reservoir, and the beautiful Heber Valley. The Deer Creek Express departs from the depot, follows the shores of Deer Creek Reservoir to Decker Bay, and returns.

Monday Night Train

Enjoy this fun and family friendly 90 minute evening train ride through the Heber Valley and along the shores of Deer Creek Reservoir. This wonderful train ride includes sing-a-longs, low cost foods and treats, and many other surprises in store. Monday Night Trains are perfect for families and large groups, with affordable prices.
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The Lakeside Limited

The two-hour scenic Lakeside Limited train begins again on January 17th and runs Thursday-Saturday through April 27th. Spectacular views through the Heber Valley and along the shores of Deer Creek Reservoir.
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