In the South China Sea, Beijing is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves.
SEALs revive stealthy submarine delivery team in Virginia
The move is designed to boost SEAL operations on the East Coast and in Europe.
Why the Donald Cook is still sailing the Black Sea
Adm. James Foggo, commander of Naval Forces-Europe, announced last week that the Spain-based Arleigh Burke-class destroyer also is slated to visit the Ukrainian port of Odessa.
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Beijing and Washington continue spat over waters long considered international shipping lanes.
New uniforms revealed! Fashionable and FREE!
Another round of wear-testing is slated for July, but if it pans out this two-piece uniform could become optional issued clothing when you report on board ship — no trips to Navy Exchange, no money out of your annual uniform allowance.
What Big Navy will do to fix its housing problem
Navy leaders order officers and chiefs to reach out to every sailor in government or public/private partnership housing to find and fix housing problems.
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Coast Guard dismisses 4 in Kodiak for illicit drug activity
Four Coast Guardsmen investigated for illicit drug activity in Kodiak have been kicked out of the service
Judge rules against male-only military draft, but no changes imminent
The chairman of a panel considering changes to the U.S. military draft said Monday its recommendations to Congress won’t be influenced by a federal judge’s recent ruling that the current system is unconstitutional because it only applies to men.
This Trump administration effort to increase military spending is likely to spur controversy. Here’s why.
President Donald Trump is eyeing a boost to overseas contingency funds of more than $100 billion for fiscal 2020.
A Russian state TV personality used a map of the United States to point out the targets Russia would go after if a nuclear war should break out.
Lawmakers want to know what military officials are doing to combat the problem in the wake of new allegations of racism in the ranks.
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