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ShopXML - Affiliate Partnership and e-Commerce Solutions

ShopXML is a FREE state of the art e-commerce system that provides centralized catalog management and site distribution services.

Currently, we offer the following services:

An ‘affiliate’ partnership, where we take care of the back-end, and the actual products. We drop-ship the products and take care of all the customer service issues while you build your own store using our back-end while you receive generous commission from sales.

The reason why we’re different from other affiliates is that we provide complete branding of the products for you, do not advertise ourselves (i.e. the Amazon affiliate program) and do not require any exclusivity. If you feel like you want to sell other products (ours or your own), mix and match, or even find a different supplier for the product you currently sell through us – you can do so, and use ShopXML to your benefit. Essentially, your store would be like any other non-affiliate store on the Internet, but with a centralized management system.

Alternatively, you can create your own store through ShopXML using our very flexible and SEO friendly system.

All the customer interaction is done directly with the store you build, and the store interacts with ShopXML, so it is unlike affiliate programs where you simply refer the customer to us.

If you have further interest, check out our FAQ or (780) 436-3714.

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