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What is RCT?

Enumerator Portal

If you have a smart phone, want to make your own working hours and get paid, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You can become an enumerator for us! An enumerator is a person who collects data and records information.

Download our free app and choose the survey you want to conduct. You can choose a survey that is being conducted in an area near you. Once you select the survey, it will be downloaded to your phone. Then you are all set to go conduct the survey!

Researchers Hub

Welcome Researchers! If you are interested in RCTs and primary data you are in the right place! In this market place you can construct the surveys you want conducted and also choose the areas in Punjab you would like data to be collected from. Follow six simple steps that will lead you to collect data that will help facilitate your research.

  • Step 1: Register
  • Step 2: Identify area of interest
  • Step 3: Grid it!
  • Step 4: Identify number of households
  • Step 5: Construct your survey
  • Step 6: Enter the Market Place

Build Survey Form Online

You can now use the drag and drop format to construct your survey and save your work. You will be asked to review your request once you have saved it.

Why should I join RCT?

  • Why conduct an RCT?

    RCT minimizes the error introduced due to the differences in the sample that receives the treatment and the sample selected as a control. This enables the researcher to isolate the effect of the intervention and reduce the biasedness that arises due to variation in characteristics potentially influencing the final outcome. It lets the researcher answer the question: ‘What would be the outcome for the group if they were not given the intervention?

  • Why use this platform for an RCT?

    This is a consolidated platform for researchers who would like to reduce the costs associated with carrying out an RCT. It can instantly connect researchers to field workers in the region and substantially reduce monitoring and data collection costs. With features that monitor the performance of the enumerators and check the quality of the surveys collected, this platform will ensure that the quality of the data collection matches the researchers’ expectations.

    Researchers will be given a detailed review of the enumerator reducing the gap in information that would be particularly notable for far flung areas where the researcher may not have access. With the information sharing on this forum, researchers will support each other in conducting quality RCTs all around the world. The final data collected will be made available to others depending on the researcher’s approval thus creating an open database platform with possibilities for collaborations and building up on the existing work. Tools will be made available to analyze the data and compile the findings for other economists to view.

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