The Ripping Jacks

The Ripping Jacks is a driven, diverse and passionate rock band hailing from Staten Island, NY. Their sound could be described as pure, earthy and uncompromising rock music, with ties to the blazing 80s sound of bands such as Bon Jovi, Metallica, Aerosmith and many more. This talented line-up of musicians are all about monolithic drum grooves, thundering bass notes and searing guitars that cut through the mix like a knife through melted butter. The Ripping Jacks perform cover songs borrowing from the 80s and 90s songbook, but they also create gripping original tunes that stay true to their vision and influences. Real rock and roll music is all about energy – every single member of The Ripping Jack brings his top game to the music, bringing to life the songs they’re passionate about with style and passion. Find out more about “The Ripping Jacks” and don’t miss out on their recent releases and activities.