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  • Email Technology

    BulkEmailGrid has created an email architecture, which uses specialised load-balanced Mail Transfer Agents with extensive reputation management.

  • INBOX Matters

    BulkEmailGrid uses technologies like SPF/DKIM/DMARC to ensure INBOX delivery with world class email marketing software.

  • Managed Email Campaigns

    We also offer managed email marketing campaigns on clean opt-in databases that provide the ROI you desire!

Email Marketing

BulkEmailGrid provides reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics such as opens, bounces, link tracking, unsubscribes, spam reports etc.

Email Server

BulkEmailGrid also provides technical consultancy to businesses & corporates on setting up Bulk email infrastructure for email marketing purposes.

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Cloud Telephony

Utilize Click2Call, MIssed Call, Virtual Receptionist services for operational & marketing initiatives!

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Sending over 100 Million emails per month.
BulkEmailGrid provides unmatched deliverability, scalability, and reliability!


"We were spending so much money with those cheap email providers only to realise that those cheap prices were actually expansive as 80% of our emails were lending in junk mail folders."

Vivek Arora,CEO Homeseek Realtors

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