Welcome to my site, which will cover all kinds of technical stuff I’m interested in. I will cover from Arduino, Raspberry PI, Databases and maybe some SAP stuff.

For any questions and maybe request to cover a topic please go to my contact page and drop me an email.



I’m Richard born in 1968 , so do the math on my age 😉 I’m working at a famous data warehouse company and I’m specialised in SAP stuff and Data Warehousing.

I’m married and have two children both 15 years old 😉 in 2016. I’m a pre-sales consultant working for the international region. Also worked a couple of years in the Americas, so I have seen a lot of the world and worked with a lot of different people and nationalities.

All the articles on this website are a reflection of my opinions and who I am. You don’t have to agree with all my opinions and so called visions, but I hope you can respectfully disagree with me on those. As I always try to discuss any different vision you have on mine.

Probably you will have one question what has this guy with frogs? A long story short, my dad called me always Rick de Kikker which I translated one on one to rikthefrog as nobody was using this alias. So now you know the background on the frogs 😉



This week I tried to find all kinds of posts to use certificates to login in the SSH shell on a Linux server. There are some great posts on this subject I selected two I found most useful you can find them below in the link overview; logging in with an ssh private key on linuxmac SSH …


If you want you can reach me on rikthefrog @ this domain. Send me a mail if you have any question, Try to answer your mail as soon as possible.