You forgot your coat.

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I haven't quite made up my mind yet.


Per ignored everyone's warnings.

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Is there something that we could do for you?

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I told them all about you.

I'm really sorry everything happened the way it did.

The water came up to our necks.


At last, they experienced the joy of victory.

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Can Major really be as rich as people think he is?

Don't peek.

Why is dad in the kitchen?

Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

I think he's got a thing for you.

We were just going.

Owing to the storm, the ship could not leave port.

I am going to study English.

He's mowing his lawn.

I am praying in my room.

I have been to India.

The boy over there reading a book is Ramesh.

Was this for me?

His work is making watches.

I just want to be happy.

I heard that story.

I just want Alexander to leave me alone.


I was a fool to have tried explaining something to you that I don't understand myself.


When the person is old enough, he can get circumcised.

Donn is more experienced than I am.

I just woke up a few minutes ago.

She seems to have been happy.

My ring is gone.

She did nothing but cry all day.

Don't apologize.

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We'd like him to win the game.

Andy has been told about the problem.

Where are you going to eat lunch?

I just need to sit down.

Could you repeat that again?


I expected better of her.


She is skipping school.


I told you this is where we'd find Dewey.

We should be talking to him.

I've promised to go.

I was going to take a picture of a squirrel I found in the park, but it was too nimble, and all my shots were no good.

Why do you want to see us?


My mother asked me to keep her company during the weekend.

That's quite a bit.

I want to be poor in order to not be unhappy.


Marcel hasn't heard from Part since she moved to Boston.


People are stupid.

I'll get along on my own. Just go and enjoy your adventure!

Tell us about them.

Are all of your grandparents still living?

The young man put out his hand and I shook it.

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Antonio knew that Elvis wasn't friendly.

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Aaron listens to his favourite music on his MP3 player when he goes for his morning walk.

Finding a decent man is more difficult than winning a lottery.

How would it be possible to account for the genesis of structures if we are always already within a structure?


The accident is still vivid in his memory.

Will you stamp this letter for me?

You shouldn't eat this meat. It smells bad.

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Grandmother lifted her spectacles.

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I don't know what I should do.


The phone is ringing!

It so happened that he was absent from school that day.

The man sitting next to me spoke to me.

That's not a cat. It's a dog.

Their shoulders are strong no matter what stance they are in so they can throw back to the pitcher well.

You can do that right now.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see the castle.


What are your qualifications?


He's a busy man, so the only way you can contact him is by telephone.

Let them do all the talking.

Piercarlo would rather speak French.

That house is really better than this house.

She takes a taxi from the station to her house.

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The dirty plates in the restaurant disgusted us.

What shall we say to this? Anything else than to agree?

It would take too much time to describe the various tortures these people suffered, but Inge's punishment consisted in standing there as a statue, with her foot fastened to the loaf.

There was something I needed to get at the supermarket, but I forgot to pick it up.

She was accused of lying.

Randal's mail-order bride demanded that he treat her like a human being.

Rajiv massages his temples with his fingers.

That was lovely.

No one's prepared.

Jianyun and I got drunk together last weekend.

The visit is free of charge.

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You don't love Grant, do you?


When was the last time you caught a fish?

The sicker of the two is not the one he thinks.

We'll be right there.


They're losers.

That box is heavy.

I was at Joyce's house. Where were you?


You're embarrassing her.

The meat is cooked.

Has he already done it?

Oliver probably thought I wouldn't know how to cook rice.

Sit down over here, won't you?

My answer is still yes.

She fired Major.

Don't throw the ball near the windows.

I don't think I have time to explain it right now.

Give me a moment.

My father has a cup of coffee every day.


Janice was John's roommate in college.

I believe you've answered all my questions.

French is her native language.

My sister married her high school classmate.

The population of Osaka is larger than that of Kyoto.

Hui got me the job.

She said that she was a real princess.

Spiders need love too.

These are both called "future volitional" and include the intent of the subject.

I gave them your address.

Neville should shut up.

He has just set out toward town.

Kristy Anderson is the wife of Larry Ewing.


Thanks for letting me stay at your place.

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Tai was born rich.


I got your note.


This lost him his life.

We may all have to do something we don't want to do.

Horst is our guide.

It was an uphill struggle.

A shampoo and a set, please.


Trevor won't bother you anymore.


Is it private?

Hank and Jock are longtime residents.

The balance of nature is very vulnerable.

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When she saw me, she held my hand so tight, looked me in eyes and told me: "I love you."


He doesn't earn enough money to live on.

There are many lakes in the area where you live.

I was impressed.

I need that kind of insight.

Werner doesn't realise how his behaviour affects others.

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Stop being lazy and find something to do.

I don't mind waiting for a while.

Mom baked a cake for my birthday.


I'm sure he is holding back something from us.

That wasn't the plan.

Her concert was unreal.


They made many changes in the proposal.

He is in harmony with all his classmates.

I should know by now to trust my instincts.

I don't know yet.

We know our way around the city.

He has a very welcoming smile.

I'd appreciate some help.

Each piece of furniture in their home suited the style of the house

It frustrates me to no end.

Let's get something cold to drink.

I'll play with you.

We need you to be strong.

Robert built this with his dad.

What made Clare mad?

Put it in your pocket.

The mission was successful.

But by leaving the humidifier on all night in the morning condensation's pouring off the windows ...