The judge made no bones about his disgust with the accused's actions and handed down the severest sentence possible.

Hughes hired a private detective.

That door won't open.

Knudsen said he was coming back.

Lynnette never bothered me again after that.

He went through many horrible days in the war.

I hear they have a lot of problems with the tunnels in New Zealand.

One must observe the rules.

That's not a way to treat a friend.

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I ordered some new books from America.

Damon has tied Hartmann's limbs with tape.

Chet gave Jason a meaningful look.

Carlo is still shaking.

I pay you well.

Do you want to hear something interesting?

Watch out for the steps.

I have allergies.

You're going to be a father.

Her sister looks young.

He held her down in the tub until she drowned.

It wasn't my fault.

Would you please reserve a room near the Toronto international Airport?

Gary doesn't know how to explain what needs to be done.

The doctor told Gil that he should try to get more sleep.

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He was guilty of making a mistake.

Tomiko guessed my weight.

Dorj worked 10 hours a day.

Meehan had no idea why Mitch left early.

Have you made much progress in English in America?

Jeanne and Sigurd have a house in the Hamptons.

We have to forget it ever happened.

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I'm an adult.

You're sweet.

I'm not listening.

I suppose that what we mean by beauty is that object, spiritual or material, more often material, which satisfies our aesthetic sense.

Europe's Chinese food is nothing like China's Chinese food.


It was Pia's doing.

You didn't tell anybody about Stephen, did you?

How long you been running this place, Leora?

I got good grades when I was in college.

She was a pioneer in this field.


Can you bring them back to life?


I'll buy what we need.

It's at the back of the building.

Is there a doctor in the house?


Are you having any difficulty sleeping?

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He taught with patience.

Love conquers all.

Dogs see in the dark.

It's not hopeless.

I hope you like Len.


Give me a head of cabbage.

The best thing to do is to ask an expert to repair it.

They were forecasting rain for today.


Andy became a taxi driver.

As it was to be expected, he won first place.

How cool is that!


I need to find somewhere else to live.


A new case occurred. They applied the new rule to it.

Everett said it's no big deal.

I met nice people.

Dan brought up his children in London.

Please write to me without fail.

You know you can trust me.

Jones didn't even know it was here.

Jem hasn't eaten supper yet.

Lions dwell in Africa.

Would you like a dog?

What do you think I'm thinking right now?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

My friend went back to Japan.


Hein is a hopeless idiot.


I'm not fat.

One of us should talk to her.

Are you going to give this to me?

You're not responsible.

Where did you put the book I was reading?

I am happy to see you again.

Tahsin rewrote his essay and turned it in a day late.


They don't want you on the team.


Fabien has a lot of good ideas.

It's my dream to have a son who'll take over my business when I retire.

Mongo can dance well.


Brandon never signed the contract.

She made her first appearance as a musician.

How many years have you lived here?

Don't call him on the telephone now.

Greg kept his father's notes.

He must be very tired after a long walk.

The waiter filled our glasses to the brim.

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I've been sober for eight months.

She made a vanilla chocolate cake for four people.

Send them over.


We were very tired, so that we stayed home.

What do you want to be when you leave school?

Sweet oranges are not very sour.

Mick looks a little groggy.

Loyd talks too fast.

I wish I had never gotten married.

You have to give me time.

Ken is not as young as Patrick.

The behaviour of the Princess Monaco, one of the many victims of the French revolution, on the morning of her execution, will be long remembered for its eccentricity and heroism.

Jeffrey heard Henry yelling at John.

Can you show me this skirt please?

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It is suspicious.

Cathrin would still be alive if he had been wearing his seat belt.

I'm not happy about this.

If I had money enough, I could pay you.

He took her aside and told her the news.


She sounded desperate.


No one knew what to do.


You have to come with me.

Leave tomorrow.

Spyros, you look terrible.

Alvin often brings his work home.

Would you like to see my stamp collection?

It's raining buckets outside.

She came home with a stud in her nose.

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You can teach yourself Vietnamese.

Do you deny it?

Asked what her doctor thought about her longevity, the centenarian replied: "I don't have a doctor. He died."


Janet and I take the same bus to school.


My father used to drink 4 bottles of beer and smoke 4 packets of cigarettes every day without fail.

He acted on the matter.

Suwandi is looking more and more like his father every day.

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Why don't you believe Erik when he says he's busy?

Can you tell us about them?

The dream goes on.


Evidently not.

I knew all along that he was telling a lie.

I'll have another.


No, you may not put the colander on your head; you can be an astronaut after I drain the pasta.

Ken has no choice but to join them.

We gave the first step, now we just have to keep going.

We were disappointed with the results of the experiment.

That's always been our biggest problem.

You're too hard on yourself.

We need to get some medical supplies.


This discussion is over.

James and Gigi seem to be fighting all the time.

I'll be here in my office if anyone needs me.

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He was hurt in a car accident.


Judy knows that Marshall is over thirty.

Beside the mayor, many other distinguished guests were present.

The Denver Broncos have won Super Bowl 50.

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There is no greater insult to life than premature ejaculation.

The question is who's going to do it.

Valerie came into the classroom three minutes after the bell had rung.

Urs now thinks everything is OK.

I didn't give up for lack of hope.

Since I was cold, I put on my coat.

You will say and do things your parents said and did, even if you swore you would never do them.


The warmth of their welcome made me happy.


Who is going to pick up the tab for this?

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How is that even possible?


We're all afraid.

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As often happens, he slept right through the lesson.

Don't think about it too much.

He's proud that his father was a great scientist.

How much wine do you want me to buy?

I knew all along that he was telling a lie.