What do you think of this?

What was Stacy doing?

Anyway, you don't have to worry.

I just want a quiet drink.

They wouldn't tell me how to do it.

Please don't leave me!

She did as she was told.

The dentist pulled out her bad tooth.

Douglas was my buddy.


Isn't that childish?

What would you like to eat today?

The workers packed up at 2 o'clock on account of the rain.


We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

The spy was very furtive as he stole the keys from the guard.

Have you ever seen Torsten cry?

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A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.

You can see the ancient ruins in the distance.

So let's find out what is important to Audrey.

I ride the subway every day.

Why don't we head back?

Would after lunch be convenient for you?

I want to sleep with your wife.

He will take on the responsibility for his friends.

We're in need of help.

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This explanation doesn't mean anything!

Jimmy can deliver the message.

If you throw something like that down, if someone's unlucky enough to be hit they'll be injured.

I'm the gardener.

When will you return?


Charleen was the only one studying when I entered the classroom.


Thierry predicted it.

It is cruel of them to make the boy work so hard.

Rolfe doesn't seem to be leaving.

I think I smell smoke.

Hey guys, I think I found something.

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'Verb' refers to the predicate verb. Predicate verbs change their form depending on the subject and the time expressed.


I have a good dictionary.

We will have guests tomorrow.

You had better have breakfast.


Bucky asked me to protect Prakash.

Bolivia is called "Buliwya" in Quechua.

We are all Americans.

You may go out as long as you come back soon.

Someone said to the stones: "Be human." The stones said: "We are not hard enough yet."


Adam couldn't understand what the purpose of the mission was.

How's it going, Murray?

We study French.

We're very serious about this.

Let's find out why.

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I wrote this letter in French.


Danny was sick and stayed home from school.

Get me a cup of coffee.

We just won a 20 LB. turkey


Shean made some bad investments.


Start your morning off with coffee.


I visited Boston a long time ago.

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I think you cried. Could you tell me why? Does something hurt?


We need to do something about this right away.

She has twenty children.

He was learning a poem.

As he walked, Pinocchio noticed a tiny insect glimmering on the trunk of a tree, a small being that glowed with a pale, soft light.

Into the world there has come a new feeling.


I wish she wouldn't pussyfoot about it and just say what she means.

I had some difficulty making up my mind which colleges to apply to.

I have something that I want to say to you.

Stop criticizing me!

It is likely to rain again.

Ellen has to study hard.

Carl Benz obtained in 1886 the patent for the first car.


Arnold teaches us to see the object as it really is.

Don't dodge the question.

I didn't complain at all.

The sun shone like gold.

Have you learned to drive a car?

Mom, where's the cat?

Their job is to mop the office.

Let's study a specific example.

He owns a Stradivarius.

Werner couldn't keep a straight face.

Duke can hang tough, I am sure.

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You've assessed the situation perfectly.

There's a big problem.

Don't get greedy.

After Kuldip's death, Moe was in deep mourning.

I'm living in an adobe house.

Is Brent an eyewitness?

They wormed it out of me.


Giles said it wasn't necessary.

Don't get yourself involved in that.

He degraded himself by telling me lies.

I'd like to schedule an appointment.

Will she get well soon?


There are a lot of things I need to do this week.

Confucius said: "To see the dead person to his grave with the thought that he is unmistakably dead is inhuman and not something one should do. To see the dead person to his grave with the thought that he is still alive is unwise and also not something one should do."

The boy, upon seeing a butterfly, proceeded to run after it, provoking the anger of his mother, who had ordered him to stay quiet while she gossiped with the lady next door.

I put both of my arms around her.

I can take care of him.

First of all, power off your cellphones and remain silent.

I'm going to call for help.

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Stevan was bitten by a snake.

Americans are said to regard the amount of money a man makes as a criterion of his ability.

Scientists are knowledge seekers. They are inquisitive, seeking answers to known questions and finding many more questions.

We still have a lot of things to do.

You can't handle it.


Has Kim started yet?

A dolphin is no more a fish than a dog is.

Vickie will go.

I'll never do that.

We must do away with violence.

Monetary value is the dominant value in American society.

Why are you doing this to me?

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Your comments were inappropriate.

Elias loves his wife and kids.

I love you more than I love any other person.

It's likely to rain tomorrow.

Her parents love me.

I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?

You've run out of things to drink.

I don't think we have that kind of time.

We should probably let Stefan know what's happened.

I keep all my telephone receipts in this box.

I grew up doing this.

We need some more food.

After splitting up with her, Simon walked away without looking back.

Dory is just a regular guy.

Don't be so nosy.

I want to drink a Guinness right now.

His application was rejected.

It's no use talking to him.

We could hear helicopters approaching.

President Obama has made climate change a key issue in some of our most important bilateral relations, including China and India.

Few townsmen know which sacred day is which.

Can you look after my kids this afternoon?

Valeria should be out of surgery in about three hours.

Granville becomes angry when Greg mentions her weight.

I've got the feeling of having already met her somewhere.

Jiri began to undress.

Let's discuss the matter right now.

I regret what happened to Torsten.

There are no girls on the Internet.

There is no way to go there.

Dewey is a widow.

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They said inspections should be increased.

Does it snow much in the winter?

Hui heard the sound.


The machine operates around the clock.

Pete pressed a button, but nothing happened, so he pressed another button.

I'd like to give you something.


Do you know whether they've sold the prize Turkey that was hanging up there? Not the little prize Turkey: the big one?


I was in the bath, with the result that I didn't hear the telephone.

We weren't prepared for this.

We sincerely thank you for today's flight.

Please help me pick out a sweater which matches my new dress.

I saw Mah kiss Ravi.


She pays Wendi well.


All my friends to whom I sent invitations came to the party.

We're going to need your help.

Walter took the "morning after" pill.

Mann teaches history at a high school.

You should go back to Rajeev's.

I'm amused by his idea of leisure.

I need this space.

There was a big rock concert in 1970.

She advised him to take a rest, but he didn't follow her advice.

I was taken in by her promise.

Saiid forced me to open the box.


Renu's boss is much-maligned, but Reiner's always found him reasonable.