Surely he left already.

All students of English should have a good English-English dictionary at hand.

He doesn't mean it; he's just acting.

It sounds as if genius compensates for lack of experience.

Edward was accepted into Harvard.

This is an abomination.

I wanted to be cautious.

I'll have it ready for you by tomorrow.


I use Twitter.

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One morning, a gorgeous girl wandered by.

Do you think you can fix this?

I'll meet them.


Everybody laughed at him.

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You can do this, I'm telling you.


I don't want Andreas to see it.

We often have fires in winter.

The police continued their investigation.


Do they have jobs?


Was that intentional?


Eddy thinks he's related to me.


It doesn't come in my mind.

Wash blood with blood.

If you're not going to try any harder than that, you might as well give up now.

Huashi began attending AA meetings regularly.

Jeremy knows a lot.

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Do you think Hsuan knows how to swim?

His old Fiat runs on petrol.

We know what it feels like.

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I don't go on QQ very often.

With arbitration, judgement is usually passed in six months time.

Our earnings are in proportion to our real ability.


This land belongs to him.

Is that all it says?

This book is easy enough for me to read.

He is a modern boy.

Watch what you're doing, you almost killed Ernst!

What will we eat?

Do you regret what you did?

I have standards.

I cannot buy this book. It's too expensive.

Memories came flooding back when Tanaka found some photos from his childhood in an old box in the attic.

I didn't know who else to ask.

The travelers made haste as evening drew near.

Cole tried to push Nick into the water.

This place is fantastic.

It came to the president like a bolt of lightning.

Shouldn't we offer to help?

I need more blankets.

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We're going to find ourselves in difficulty if we carry on like this.

You shouldn't underestimate Lynnette.

Sassan is probably the only person in the world who cares if I'm alive or dead.

I can't believe Irvin made such a mistake.

Look at the notes on page 10.

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What were they eating?


My alarm didn't go off. That's why I was late.


How did you find it?

Property is the right to use & abuse; it engenders despotism.

Please pass it to the other friends.

He is such a careless boy that he makes mistakes very often.

We read newspapers so that we may not fall behind the times.

I wish I had been a bird.

That's why I'm a bachelor.

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Which is longer, this pen or that one?

Is he still alive?

That's the worst part.

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What illness do I have?

I think that it likely that there was a major fault in the lookout.

The password is too short. It has to be longer than 5 letters.

I'm quite a normal guy who has many hobbies, maybe too many.

Who knows?

Try your luck.

The pool is closed because they are changing the broken tiles.


Hotta is old enough to be Galen's father.

Isn't that them?

Why do you never clean up after yourself?


I'll tell you about it.

How did she come to know so much about fish?

No, thanks.

She got her navel pierced.

Helge got a D on his test.

I can't live this way anymore.

May all your dreams come true.

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In short, try Dict.

It's really embarrassing.

I know you will.

It's very big of you to admit you're wrong.

What was your first tattoo?

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She wore a red shirt and a black skirt.

I really need this.

We have more important things to discuss.

I'm thinking of introducing myself to Hirotoshi.

Our random selection has chosen you as a possible winner!

I think I did something really stupid.

We could be making a huge mistake here.

Bush respects all religions.

Tell her everything you know.

I take care of Shahid.

He advised him to give up alcohol.


I hear the storks clacking from up in the belfry.

That must be the Mackintosh boy.

He fainted in the middle of his speech.

Before dying, she spent more than a month in hospital.

It's a lie that, "they don't eat fish raw abroad."

What does your family name mean?

Where's the cook?

I insist that he should go with us.

What's your favorite day?

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My house is like yours.

This world is difficult.

Since there wasn't any more room at the table, I had to eat standing up.


Damone said he needed three hundred thousand dollars.

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Police officers wear blue uniforms.


What she said is wrong.

We were late for dinner.

I'm not old.


Is that supposed to be funny?


I have a dozen reports to read.


Because of the heavy snow, the railroad traffic has been interrupted.


Is it at this time you're playing music? It's too late! Think of the neighbours!


I think I can really trust you.


Love is giving something one doesn't have.

Vicki could be mistaken.

I met her in the winter several years ago.

This can't be good.

I hope Joe gets here soon.

She was advised by him to get more exercise.

The mice ate some of the bread.


He does little else than read books.

No cannons, no oil.

Jan needs your help right away.

Judge won't go to the market.

Lately, I haven't been able to see him, we just pass by each other.

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It's getting harder for me to concentrate.

I have an Egyptian neighbor.

Tuna assured me that this would never happen.

Thanks for this. I appreciate it.

Stanislaw is trying to say something.

We call our dog Johnnie.

I thought you'd be too busy to see me.

My college has a dorm.

Sergeant knows something is wrong.


I didn't mean to make you feel bad.


How could I lie to you?

The plum blossoms are at their best this week.

Getting rich is the opposite of getting poor.


Shamim didn't need to buy this.

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You are cleared for takeoff.

Is it OK for me to remove my wedding ring and go to a dating party when I have a pregnant wife?

I didn't realize you were hungry.


Juan is acting a little strange.

It's really hot there.

All this talk of Egypt today makes me want to go there.

Eventually, the police are going to catch you.

Helen let himself in with his own key.


Whenever you come, I'm glad to see you.

Emily will stay with us.

This is a dress that Manuel made by herself.


Leigh walked quickly up the stairs.