Kyu opened a desk drawer and pulled out a flask.

Tim is going to die.

She is gone shopping.

Don't I get a goodbye kiss?

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You must leave everything.

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They headed westward.

We must investigate social abuses.

I still can't get her out of my head.

I'll let him go.

The baby fell asleep.

You can't see my house from here.

How and where did Tareq die?

Would you like to go to the park later this afternoon?

Not everything can be the way we want, Teresa.

Shuvra killed John in self-defence.

Do you think they'll find him?

Dick wants you to help him.

I knew you wouldn't want to go with us.

The only thing he's thinking about is seeing her.

Who told Rik that?

Are you scared of something?

Jerry covered for you while you were in the hospital.

Slartibartfast doesn't like poker very much.

His ideas are always very practical.


I love you as much as him.

Was it that obvious?

PTAs in various places are discussing school regulations.

It's no good his trying to find the true reason.

The atmosphere on Mars is over 95% carbon dioxide.

Lois poured cold water over himself.

Ti desperately warned the fisherman not to go fishing on such a bad weather.

More and more people these days are getting overwhelmed by housing loans.

I'm going to hit the gym.


The inspection was quite perfunctory.


Muslims always pray facing toward Mecca.


I'm impressed by your progress.

I've learned to accept that.

It made me furious.

When did you talk to Kenneth?

How long you been running this place, Jim?


Don't even say that as a joke.

He respects me.

She teaches at our local school.

Please don't order anything perishable.

The girl I told you about lives in Kyoto.

Phrases are surely more interesting than sentences.

The law is still in effect.

How many seats are there in this room?

I love you with all I am.

I really have to get going.

I think I'll go to Boston next Monday.

I want to speak to my lawyer now.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to cancel everything?


God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails.

It's not my problem.

Svante wondered what he should do.

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A new railroad will soon be laid here.

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"Are you going to put this on Kongregate?" "Yes, there is a two-week period where the game will only be available on Armor Games since they're sponsoring it, but I will upload it to Kongregate after that."

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What shall I put on: pants or a skirt?


Will the room be available for the meetings?

Many Eastern religions teach that there is a unity behind the diversity of phenomena.

You're not as young as Dion.

Ramneek Jackson doesn't run this company.

Help yourself to the cake, please.


You can't do two things at once.


She may have missed the train.

This is a great victory.

We had an early lunch.


"I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?" said Scrooge.

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The food at this restaurant is not good, the prices expensive, and the service lousy. In short, don't go to this restaurant.


Are you saying you don't want to go to Sharon's party?


I can't wait for him.

Stop that now.

Tenderness is an important element in a person's character.

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She shut the child in his room until he stopped crying.


I don't recognize over half of these names.

Bob's your uncle.

Are we almost there?

They still have many outstanding debts.

I don't have much to spend.

Is there anything else that you want to know?

We'll let them try.

We have to figure out what happened to Charley.

I told June that I just wanted to be friends.

A man like that gets on my nerves.

The key of the symphony is G minor.

We know what you want.

Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?


I borrowed money from my father.


I feel like I finally have some understanding of how Skef felt in that moment.


I was thinking of them.

Sorry, I can't reach it.

It's unnatural.

Everything flows and nothing remains.

It is not necessary for us to attend the meeting.

Trying asked her if she was Avery.

I'll never find someone like him.

Open the doors.

He hasn't made a record or had a concert for many years.


I've started to learn French.


Who is working at the meeting room?

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Can you open it?

Dan tried to escape from the police station.

How much is the kilo of leek?


On hearing the news, she turned pale.

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Do you think we have a chance to win?


Have you googled me?

Harmon will quit on Monday.

What part of Canada do you come from?

I thought you wouldn't give up.

I expect him to get over the shock of his failure.

How can I see you?

Jurevis is ready to resort to violence in order to get what he wants.

I walked lunch off.

Maria salted the meat.

As a young girl, Graham wanted to become a professional tennis player.

I know something you don't.

I wonder if Erick can tell us anything else.

I really miss them.


Philippines is called "Filipinas" in Spanish.

I just got back from Germany.

The boy is standing in the living room.

I could have done better if I had had more time.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.

I am going to introduce you to my family.

Those flowers are very beautiful!


I'm surprised that she did such a thing.

Laurie might look the favourite after the first lap of this race, but it's early days.

Pria said he agrees it's a problem.


I'm Urs's boss.

Jochen asked Pratap to not quit her job.

You may as well go home now.

Tolerant held the door open for Jitendra.

I still can't believe they had a snow leopard in that zoo. I thought they were an endangered species.

I think we can get everything we need.

It seems like he had never met his father before.

I just did what Jones asked me to do.

We beat our brains to solve this problem.

I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.

First hold crime-prevention firmly in mind! Before going out, lock the doors!


The toxin that causes diphtheria is produced by a normally benign bacterium when infected with a certain virus.

We were with family that night.

What clothes do you think I should put on to go to my date tomorrow?

Don't worry. They will be supervised.

I'd never do that for Patty.


We can't do anything about it.

My father has a cup of coffee every day.

The member of the family who is always in trouble is the black sheep.

I run ten kilometers a day.

Stephen is imaginative.

Judge is in Boston on business now.

Would you mind waiting outside for a minute?

No one wanted to play with Tango except the little boy.

I don't care for sports.

I think that's what happened.

You can't have dessert until you finish your meal.

The bottle is full.

There's nothing else I can do for you.


No one takes them seriously.


Jos went to Paris to study French.


I'm trying to figure out why the engine won't start.

Jim can't go yet.

Come to bed with me.