Let me try one of those.


Only God can safely be omnipotent.


I'm saving as much as I can.

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Rajesh is Cindy's step-sister.

In spite of his tight schedule, Geoff always has time to spend with his children.

Audrey hid the house key under a rock in the garden.

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It's lucky to be a man.

I keep it in the attic.

Samir is unattractive.

This is not so fun.

Damn, the elephants are blocking my way!

Slartibartfast is a regular blood donor.

I don't understand English at all.

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I'm not sending them any further.


Do you remember what happened after your birthday party?

That was fast.

I know you're a friend of Nicolette's.


He was too old to walk.

I want to send a present for his birthday.

Do you know what Duke's last name is?

No one came back alive from there.

I can't picture Tigger doing that.

I can't stand her any longer!

I've been trying to call Suresh, but I keep accidentally calling you instead.

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You shouldn't listen to him.

I'm so happy.

I think it's pretty weird.

You can replace a little bit of the white flour with rye flour.

I hate the sound that cellophane makes when you crinkle it.

The future is a woman with an invisible face.

Everything is connected to everything else.


I can hardly see without my glasses.


I lost sight of her.

His lack of self-awareness was sublime. That could be either endearing or maddening.

Kevin certainly wasn't too happy last night.

They don't eat anything.

He lived in Europe for fifteen years.

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We're feeling confident.

A large or medium-sized one?

Brad doesn't know as many people here as me.

You can drink water, but you can also pass it.

She rarely, if ever, goes out of town.

Many stars shine in the sky.

I am responsible for it, but my friends are not.

Who can I call to fix my plumbing?

You promised me you wouldn't leave me.

Look at the size of that thing!

Lorenzo tried to blame Michel for everything.

That time has passed.

I want this fixed as soon as possible.


I can't disagree with what Irfan says.


I'll grab a taxi and be right there.

Valerie deserves to be captain.

This was, of course, a lie.

I'm so tired that I can't go on.

I'm the youngest of three children.

This guy is a crook.

Do it right now.

That child is always fretting.

Has he got a dog?

I really appreciate your company.

I completely forgot about Dylan.


He behaved badly to his sons.

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I know this is hard.


What's your favorite day of the week?

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Symmetry is boring.


I shall have more to say when I am dead.


I'm pretty sure I told you before not to do that.

When she heard the news, she sighed disappointedly.

Does Europe have a common language?

Marek followed me night and day.

Jackye knows where we are.

He wore a blank look.

You should work hard if you want to get a good score.

I guess you didn't quite understand me.

You'd have fun.


This has never changed.


You haven't got a chance.


Do you come to this restaurant often?

Shizuko composed a poem about the change of the seasons.

We should give Micky a chance to confess.

Clay put the folding chairs away.

I'll find my own way back.

My wedding ring was crafted by a skilled goldsmith.

This book seems easy to us.

It's very unlikely Toft knows how to play mahjong.

I have read it to my great profit.

It's very important that you drink plenty of water in summer.

Howard didn't have dinner last night.

Rajiv looked around at all the empty desks in the classroom.

You'll all die.

I thought we got disconnected.

Humility is a forgotten virtue.

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I think Barrett feels differently.

You're mad and you have every right to be.

One may only catch the tiger cub by entering the tiger's den.

Pilar will be a good teacher.

I trust that I can see you again.


Naoto makes a lot more money than Subra does.

I am afraid they don't get along very well.

I was just thinking of the same thing. I'm all for that.


Your instincts were right about Elvis.

I cannot get pregnant. I am sterile.

I need to talk to Wendy tonight about what's going to happen tomorrow.


She gave birth to her first child at twenty years old.

I went to the airport to see my friend off.

Olivier stepped out for a minute.

Ramesh was unable to answer.

If you don't have this software, you can download it now.

With Esperanto you can communicate equally with people from other countries.

I did him a favor.

We need to speak to him again.

Damn it! I forgot my password!

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Belinda just needs a little rest.


Sid left to meet you three hours ago.


I don't like you.

Many different types of flowers were in bloom in the garden.

I know what you're talking about.

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I can't go with you.

He unloaded the car.

Skip paid for it.

What kind of flowers should we get Nhan?

You're completely delusional.

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I wonder what has made him change his mind.


I am not more careful than you are.


I can't just do nothing.

It's strange that we've never met before.

Vic is wrong to lay the blame on Brenda.

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I need to talk to you now.

Kris wanted to thank you.

Translation is at best an echo.

I never lied to him.

I need the work.


The police caught Tahsin red-handed, breaking into a house in our neighborhood.

Why did you disobey my order?

The kidnappers tied Pratt's hands behind his back.

I spent ten dollars on books.

The city is laid out with beautiful regularity.


He doesn't care a bit about me.

I'm not talking about Pat.

Kanthan quickly got busy.


Alexander is capable of doing such a thing.


Kieran just wanted to be neighborly.

Don't meddle in a quarrel between a husband and his wife.

Cindy doesn't have to decide right now.

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Young people don't know what old age is, and old people forget what youth was.

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Nicholas certainly works hard, doesn't he?

This is just like in my fantasies.

He's the scum of the earth. A waste of time.

At funerals we don't tell jokes, and we don't laugh!

Weren't you expecting me?

The sergeant ordered the private to do push ups.

They called their son John.


You are good in listening, why don't you shut up?

Between two words, we must choose the shortest one.

How small a screw do you need?


He may have taken the wrong train.