For very long?

It's difficult to work with you.


At that time, we were quite rich.

Even though Jianyun is only sixteen, he looks like he's over twenty.

He does Devil Summoning work on the side.


I love to read.

Are you an only child?

A bird was flying high up in the sky.

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We were talking about you.


The windows were open.


He is a man of great importance.

He found himself pursued by recruiters.

I was having dinner with her.


I will try to find them.

Ram isn't as old as I thought.

You haven't mentioned cost, and I won't sign until I know the bottom line.

That bridge isn't strong enough to support so much weight.

Stagger knew instantly that something was wrong.

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Jeannette has gone into the cave.

I told you it didn't work.

Brodie made an important discovery.


I'd like to turn off the reading lamp, is that OK?


What are they checking for?


This isn't what I was looking for.

He spoke German with me.

Nothing will excuse such an act.

I found the key underneath the mat.

She looked like she was going to start crying again.

Do you hear that, Dan? You're doing a disservice to the community.

Peter is a merry fellow.

As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.

I take my tea without sugar.

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That's not enough.


He went to the hall to give an address.

I don't feed my dog in the morning.

The premier announced his intention to undertake drastic reforms in parliament.

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Apart from the cost, the dress doesn't suit me.

What is the word 'pine cones' in your native language?

I think they really like Hy.


My husband really likes to do exercise.


At least let me buy you and your friends a drink.

He went to stay with his cousin.

I'm not worried about losing my job.

I was hoping you'd be reasonable.

Helge may need some doctoring.

I still don't know.

That's hardly believable.

No pleasure is greater than that of reading.

You can't ride a horse.


I walk.

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You'll like it.

Not in there.

I prefer a cotton blouse.


Does the room have a bath?

I don't care for green tea.

Everyone has a favorite.

How's everyone doing today?

Do you need anything in addition?

I want to go out with Danny.

I'm pretty much done.

I'm trying to be sensitive to your needs.

I think we lost Brandi.

You can't be in here.

It's already 3 a.m., but I'm wide awake and couldn't fall asleep if I tried.

I'm not even sure I want to help you.

Because of that, nothing lojbanic is expressed.

It's hard to tell you anything.

The poor talker sometimes surprises us by being a good writer.

She is greedy.

I don't know if he will visit us next Sunday.

I'm a foreigner.

Everybody laughed at me.

The children take care of that dog.

Doesn't Seenu ever wear a shirt?

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Ramon had a few good suggestions.

My temper sometimes gets the better of me.

Our company has a well organized system of 200 sales offices, located all over Japan.

Two thirds of the students came to the reunion.

Are you going to the meeting?

I thought Marek would drop in to see us.

Do you have separate accounts or a joint account?

What's the minimum salary in Guatemala?

The dragonfly gracefully passed over the water.


Because it inflames upper-airway tissues, smoking often leads to obstructive sleep apnoea. Alcohol and sedatives can worsen apnoea as well; acting as muscle relaxants, they make the airway smaller.

I don't know who is weirder, you or me.

Would you please pour me a cup of coffee?

If the wolf had made the girl quake with terror, it seemed like a lamb beside this dreadful lion.

Every Sunday the cat sits on the windowsill and watches the birds.

There's so much I want to do.

I know one thing we could do that might help.


To cite usage against rule, in a constructed language, is insane.

I've seen a couple of Kurosawa's films.

Finish to eat!


I watch my feet for the cracks in the pavement.

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Leora couldn't live up to Andrea's expectations.


No sooner had he met his family than he burst into tears.

Nikolai felt dizzy.

I like coffee better than tea.

Elliott gave Leo a stern look.

Nothing will happen to you.

The tape recorder has recorded his voice.

You should rely on yourself.

Naim is quite a talker.

His health has declined since the accident.

Please tell me when to leave.

I think Kimberly is happy.

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Bill is two years older than I am.

We could see enemy ships on the horizon.

The cable is not electrified.

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To our surprise, she went to Brazil alone.

Try to compose yourself.

I sure hope so.


The mast broke and our ship went adrift.

I used to play tennis with him on Sunday.

Can you give me a euro?

He's almost always cast as a leading man.

These men are strong.


I'm so-so.


Where is she working now?


We're not doing anything right now.

He has dedicated his life to the preservation of nature.

I'll try to reason it out.

Here is a sample of the work of one of our workmen.

I have my reasons for doing that.

Rules only change when a sufficient number of people violate them causing the rule makers to re-examine their original purpose.

He told her.


He changed trains at Sendai Station.

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Diane lives near the dike.

I feel like I can't say no.

Who should I make this check out to?

This is where Kevyn lives.

I think Lanny killed Triantaphyllos.


I can only afford to buy a used car.

There's nothing left to worry about.

She melted at his kind words.

There is definetly a safe route!

He's already here.

Is spontaneous human combustion scientifically proven?

I shouldn't have told you this.

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Please say hello to her.

How long is an episode of 60 minutes?

The doctor gave her a thorough check-up.

This is one BORING movie! Wow!

I thought it worked nicely.


Don't make it so hard on Anatoly.

They spent a lot of time together.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is almost a casanova.


The soldier lay in agony on the bed.


There's nothing that we can do to stop him.

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Claire wanted to know how the story ended.

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The sign indicates the location of the escalator.

Ruth sprained his wrist.

I get the feeling you don't really want me to stay.

I know guns.

I wish I hadn't hit Kimmo.

What does Teriann need to say to get Lynn to forgive him?

People want a solution.

The rumor is true to some extent.

We have to find out who did this.

I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.

Our teacher demonstrated the experiment in chemistry.